Food Carts

One of the most appealing parts of any party is the delicious food that’s out for guests to eat. A party can have great entertainment, fantastic games and wonderful music, but if the guests are hungry, few will be happy for long. That’s where we come in!

Total Entertainment offers food cart rentals in Boston, providing a convenient and easy way for you to feed your guests. With our unique and interesting options, including popcorn and cotton candy machines, you can create a carnival atmosphere and help set a fun and festive mood. Forget about having to hire a caterer or slave over a stove yourself. The effort and money it takes to feed a group of people can be daunting, but renting a food cart makes the whole process entertaining and stress-free!

Food carts bring an element of fun and novelty to any party, as well as making it easy to feed your guests. We have a variety of food carts for you to rent, including machines to serve hot dogs, Sno-Kones, pretzels and fried dough. Children of all ages will love to watch their cotton candy being made and twirled on the cones right in front of their eyes. These food carts aren’t just for children’s parties, though – adults can get in on the fun, too!

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