Lighting Rentals in Boston

Serving the Boston area, Total Entertainment offers a wide variety of equipment for rent for any type of party or celebration, including party lighting and strobe light rentals.

Lighting is a vital aspect of any party. Not only does the in-person mood change depending on the lighting, but the way pictures turn out can also be affected by what kind and how much lighting is available at your party. Spotlights can offer illumination for stages – a perfect option for a wedding ceremony or work event where speeches are being made – while string lights create a soft glow, creating a more intimate and cozy atmosphere both inside and out.

Aside from typical lighting, we also offer strobe light rentals! Strobe lights are a fun and easy way to add energy to any party, and can be used in a variety of settings. Paired with upbeat music at a dance party, the pulsing light strobe lights can accentuate and amplify the beat of the music. Perhaps you’re hosting a Halloween party – strobe lights can also make any haunted house scarier, more intense and more exhilarating, as the costumed creatures, beasts and monsters roaming the event seem to move in jumps and starts!

To find out more about the available lighting options for your party, give Total Entertainment a call at 978-777-2050 today.