5 Different Fundraising Ideas And Equipment Rentals To Help Raise Money

fundraising eventNon-profit organizations do so much good in the world. It seems a shame they have to spend so much of their time looking for money. Coming up with fundraising ideas that actually work, without turning your staff into event planners, is the Holy Grail of non-profit funding.

Elizabeth Chung at Classy.org has a whole slew of fantastic, quick fundraising ideas. We took a look at her list, added some ideas of our own and figured out what we could do here to help you.

Art Shows

This idea gets funds in three ways. Artists pay a registration fee to show their work. Attendees pay a fee to browse the collections. Artists auction off their work, with all or part of the proceeds going to benefit the charity hosting.


Any run/walk shop or website will have a list of dozens of races and walks in your area. There’s a reason so many people do these: they work. Runners and walkers are always looking for the next event to get into so they have a goal to aim for. Make your race unique by adding costumes, a movie theme, or some other angle. Registration fees, concessions, and lots of other factors can make this a success.


This is a tried-and-true fundraising standby. Community members donate items, and your organization holds a huge sale event. Items could be anything from clothing to gift certificates for services.

Film Festivals

Area filmmakers, including amateur upstarts, enter their works to be shown at your festival. Entrance fees, ticket sales, and concessions all rake in money.

Cooking Contests

Reality TV cooking shows are all the rage. Channel that into a similar cook-off, or go with the classic chili or barbecue route.

At Total Entertainment, we can help you make these kinds of events a huge success by providing: