The Ultimate Company Holiday Party Planning Checklist

Call it Christmas magic or simply the spirit of the season, but nothing gets us into a cheery mood quite like the string of holidays falling from November to January. Something about these holidays gives employees that extra push of motivation, making it the perfect time of year to plan something special for the office!

Fun and creative holiday parties are one way to get employees in the holiday spirit while simultaneously thanking them for their hard work. To make your company holiday party a hit this year, follow our ultimate party-planning checklist below!

Solidify a date early

Office Holiday PartyMost calendars during the holidays consist of a myriad of colors highlighting different events and tasks to complete. Thus, picking the perfect date is tough when there are so many obligations to plan around.

You could consider sending out a poll to employees to find the best time for the majority of people. Try hosting the party on a Friday night a few hours after the workday concludes to increase likelihood of attendance.

And give out the date of the party in advance to allow everyone time to plan, of course!

Choose a holiday theme

Come up with a fun holiday theme for the party where employees can show off their creativity. Encourage them to come dressed in ugly Christmas sweaters or Christmas pajamas. Once you pick a theme, choose decorations and goodies to match. Plan your menu around the theme and include foods and treats for diets of all kinds, like gluten-free and vegan.

Select an intriguing venue

Your employees deserve a special treat during the holiday season. Transform your annual company holiday party by selecting a unique location employees will be actually excited to visit.

Take the group out to a rock gym, an arcade, a laser tag maze, a trampoline park, or a stand-up comedy show. Choosing a fun location that allows employees to let loose and enjoy their time outside the office makes for a more memorable holiday party.

Spice up your activities

The holidays should be fun and engaging; people like to set time aside this time of year to do things like see Christmas lights, go sledding, watch movies, and make cookies. Your company holiday party should be no different.

Offer a wide range of activities to satisfy employees of all types, from group carnival games to your very own casino night!

Include music, as well as fun surprises that guests won’t be expecting, like inflatables or arcade games.

Find all the rentals you need to host the ultimate company holiday party from Total Entertainment, your source for truly one-of-a-kind event planning. From inflatables and arcade games, to DJs and caricature artists, we have everything you need to create a memorable party that employees will rave about for years to come! Call us at 888-339-9995 to learn more today.

Hosting a Great New Year’s Eve Party

Hosting a Great New Year’s Eve Party Many people host New Year’s Eve parties and many people seek out parties on this holiday. From the comfort of your own home, it is possible to host an incredible New Year’s Eve party.

Have Great Music

New Year’s Eve parties should be upbeat and good music can be a major contributor to the overall mood of a party. You should be playing music all night. If you can, hire a professional DJ to take care of the music for you. Hiring a professional DJ will prevent you from having to shuffle the music on your phone all night. If you want to play your own music, you can rent professional sound equipment, such as speaker systems, to ensure that the music can head from throughout your house.

Have “Child-Like” Decorations

Even if you are hosting an adult themed New Year’s Eve party, consider purchasing some party accessories regardless. Stores are stocked with balloons, confetti, streamers, fun sunglasses, and more. Have some of these party accessories sitting on a designated table for people to use or pose for pictures with. It will drive the theme of your party home and we all still have a child somewhere inside of us.

Have Plenty of Lights

Total Entertainment has light-up furniture available for parties when you are really doing your best to “wow” your guests. This furniture can give any party a unique edge. Our light-up bars, coffee tables, and columns will make your party shine. They come in a variety of colors and you can use a remote control to adjust them. We also have lighting packages available if you want something to just add energy and color into the room.

Have Food and Drinks

You do not need to serve a full dinner at a New Year’s Eve party and most people don’t expect that.  Your party is probably starting after dinner and many of your guests will eat before they arrive. However, you have to serve food and drinks of some sort. Make several simple appetizers and a few simple desserts to go along with them. If you’re worried about not having enough food or if someone hadn’t eaten, pizza is a great go-to for any party. Provide one or two simple cocktails, a white and red wine, and two different draft beers and let guests choose from those.

These hints will help you make your New Year’s Eve party one to remember. Contact Total Entertainment for all of your party planning.

Planning a One of a Kind Holiday Party

Christmas party karaokeDecember is here and as the rush of holiday party invitations come flooding into your mailbox you are probably wondering how you can make your get together stand out. The ugly Christmas sweater theme may be over played, but Marie Claire has put together a list of unique party ideas, inspiring us to give you some direction on how to put together these celebrations.

Christmas Carol Karaoke Night

Give everyone the chance to be the star of your party with Christmas karaoke! While it can be tough to get the ball rolling, once a few people step on stage, everyone will want a turn. Kick off the singing yourself, then grab a friend and to join you for a duet. It’s not about how good of a singer you are, it’s about having a good time and spreading some holiday cheer.

To make sure everyone gets a chance to hop on stage, we recommend making a signup sheet for guests to place their name and song choice. This way, you will be able to see what songs have already been claimed and no one can hog the mike for too long.

There is a lot that goes into hosting a party, so why not leave the music to us? Our DJ party packages are the perfect way to ensure the karaoke fun continues all night!

Holiday Movie Marathon

Whether you will be watching classics like “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” or contemporary favorites like “Elf,” the bigger the movie screen the better. Turn your home or venue into a movie theater with an inflatable movie screen. Instead of setting up rows of chairs, we love the idea of letting your guests lounge on blankets and pillows, enjoying popcorn and holiday treats while you kick off the Christmas season with your favorite films.

Gingerbread House Decorating Competition

When it comes to hosting any competition, it is important to come up with easy-to-follow rules and a system to determine the winner ahead of time. Write out your rules on a white board and place where everyone can read them. You can either have a judge choose the winner or let your guests vote. We love the idea of having a Christmas character judge your event! Whether you are interested in dressing up as Santa, Rudolph or Frosty the Snowman, we have the costume for you.

Regardless of what Christmas theme you go with for your party, Total Entertainment is here to help. Check out our rental services online and give us a call at 978-777-2050 to find the right accessories for your Massachusetts holiday party!