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Costume characters can really liven up a party. Total Entertainment provides a wide selection of Boston costume characters for rent. Our inventory includes Santa Claus, reindeer, aliens, witches, monkeys, bears, the Easter bunny, turkeys, snowmen, and more!

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Renting a costume for your birthday or holiday party is entertaining for kids and adults alike. Imagine Santa Claus making an appearance at your Christmas party or having Uncle Sam show up at your July 4 celebration. Don’t feel limited to one — having several characters roaming a party can be a magical experience.

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In addition to costume rentals, Total Entertainment also provides a wide array of party planning services. We’ll do all the work for you, from start to finish. It will be a party you and your guests will never forget!
Contact us today about renting a costume for your next party or having our talented staff arrange all the details.