Glitter Tattoo Artist in Boston, MA

glitter-tattoosGlitter tattoos are fun and unique, creating almost any design and using bright and hypnotic colors. These sparkling paints are safe to use anywhere on the skin and expert painters can create almost any design. You can get glitter tattoos for your kid’s parties in Boston, Massachusetts, and bring in new and exciting entertainment to enthrall kids of all ages. Total Entertainment has glitter tattoo artists that work magic with kids using a wide repertoire of designs to appeal to all ages.

Glitter tattoos are temporary, painted designs that are vibrant and beautiful. These painted designs can last up to 10 days, so you can take home a souvenir from the party. Children, teens and adults all like temporary glitter tattoos because they last longer than ordinary paint and they shine brighter. Girls especially love getting painted suns, butterflies, dolphins, hearts and other shapes in bright and glittering colors. There are also tattoos for boys, including skulls, stars, dragons, lizards, spiders and other designs that mimic their favorite posters and decals.

Take a look at the glitter tattoos to see examples of artists’ works. Call to learn more about reserving glitter tattoo artists for your kid’s parties in Boston, Massachusetts.