Photo Albums Plus

At Total Entertainment, we have the Boston area covered when it comes to party rentals. One of the best parts of a celebration is the pictures that are taken at it – they’re what you get to keep after the night has ended and remind you of all the fun with friends and family during the occasion. Each picture holds a memory infused with emotion and people you care about, and we understand the importance of capturing those moments with your closest loved ones.

We offer a wide range of photo equipment and backdrops to help you and your guests create memorable photo albums at your party. Backdrops can add a wonderful element of fun and energy to the party, especially themed ones! Having people stand on the red carpet or in front of a patterned wall makes for exciting pictures and gives your guests a place to pose.

For a fun party activity, we also offer a selection of equipment and supplies to create photo albums at your party. These make for delightful and completely unique party favors and a wonderful, meaningful activity for all to participate in at your event. Everyone can pose for a picture, and return home with new pictures of friends and family to cherish forever.

To find out more about photo album creation and photography services, call Total Entertainment at 978-777-2050 today.