Choosing the Perfect Theme for Your Next Party

From celebrating your company’s success to throwing your child’s first birthday party, choosing whether or not to have a theme is a task. If a themed party is chosen, the challenge is now choosing a theme fit for the occasion.

Here are few things to keep in mind when deciding on a theme for your upcoming event!

Consider your occasion and audience

It’s important that you keep the reason for your celebration and the guests that will be in attendance in mind when choosing a theme because you wouldn’t want to host a casino night at a child’s birthday party. Corporate events that’s main purpose is networking should be kept simple and elegant. A company party or team building event could thrive with a casino night and a child’s birthday party would find success with a theme that was interactive and fun with several games and activities to keep the young ones occupied!

Date, time, and location of your party

Group of Friends at a Themed Party in BostonThese basic party planning details come into play when deciding your theme. Think about the days surrounding your event. If it’s near a major holiday, then your theme is easily picked for you! Patriotic décor around the Fourth of July and everything glitter to reign in the new year.

Time and location are vital to your theme as well, because some locations are your theme. Whether your event is at the zoo, or at a whimsical garden, your theme is in your setting. Be sure to keep your timing in mind too so that you’re not serving adult beverages at an inopportune time.

Don’t forget about the most important part: you!

If you are crowned as the personal party planner, then you and your vision must be trustworthy. Research what’s on trend for corporate outings or children’s parties, then once you’ve compiled some ideas, ask the public. Involve your employees in choosing the theme or leave it up to the imagination of your child.

At Total Entertainment, we work with you to bring your theme to life! With inflatable bounce houses of varying themes and a full package casino night to take advantage of, we have everything you need to plan a perfectly-themed party. Give us a call toll-free at 888-339-9995 and start your planning today!

Things to Avoid When Planning a Corporate Event

Corporate events require proper planning in order to be successful; your employees work hard all year and deserve a little fun thrown into the mix!

Often, the key to planning comes down to what to avoid more so than what to focus on. Here are some simple “don’ts” of planning a corporate event.

Don’t skimp on details

If you plan to host a sophisticated corporate event, cutting corners is the first thing to avoid. Focus your spending on the most important elements of the event: the venue, the food, and the entertainment. Guests will typically remember these three aspects more than the smaller specifics of the event, so invest in the important event details and leave the rest of your budget for the smaller particulars.

Don’t be cheesy with the theme

Drinks and Food at a Succeesful Corporate EventOften, the theme for a party is one of the most important elements that will guide the rest of your planning; from the food and decorations to the favors and games. However, themed corporate events could come off as unprofessional and lack the class and touch of elegance associated with business parties. Instead of cheesy themes for your event, focus instead on creating patterns of color that best represent your business. Consider a custom casino night that will bring your employees and guests together for a glamorous night of fun and team building!

Don’t schedule the event at an inconvenient time

If you want your employees to attend your corporate event, avoid scheduling it over holidays or holiday weekends. Many employees go out of town or desire to spend time with family during these times, leading to poor attendance at your event. Additionally, leave Mondays and Fridays out of the mix when picking a date; fewer people want to start or end their workweek with a large work event.

Remember to schedule your affair at a location away from the office! Pick a popular in-town destination, travel to the nearest major city, or get outside for a unique corporate experience.

Don’t plan the event alone

This is a corporate event, meaning you have plenty of other worker bees to help you plan your event. Create a committee, ask for volunteers, or consider full-service event planners to produce the perfect party. Delegate tasks as needed and assign people to take care of each detail as you oversee the planning group and keep everyone on task.

Need a hand? Total Entertainment has the experience and supplies necessary to plan your next corporate event! We’ll help you impress and wow employees with a casual affair or a sophisticated occasion. From planning and renting to catering and entertainment, we are a one-stop shop here to make your event the best in the area!

Five Ways to Keep Your Outdoor Party Cool This Summer

Outdoor parties under the summer sun require a bit more time and attention to detail in order to keep your guests cool and comfortable. Make your celebration a success this summer with the following outdoor party tips!

Utilize and create shade

The most coveted spot at an outdoor party is the seat soaked in shade. One of the top ways to beat the summer heat is by taking a break from the sun, so it’s crucial to offer your guests plenty of shady, covered areas to relax in.

Start by placing some seating in shady areas around your yard, such as covered patios or under large trees. Look for structures in your yard that create shade throughout the day and utilize these areas for your guests. Next, add shade where it is lacking by using tools such as umbrellas, canopies, shade sails, or rental tents.

Supply sunscreen and bug spray

Sunny outdoor parties require protection from the elements. Be the perfect accommodating host and provide guests with sunscreen as they attend your outdoor party. Have sunscreens of different types on hand, such as lotions and sprays, and be prepared for a variety of age groups, from kids to adults.

Hot, sunny weather also tends to draw unwanted bugs and pests to your party, so have some bug spray at the ready to help guests avoid irritating bites.

Whip up some cold drinks and treats

Nothing helps guests stay hydrated and refreshed like ice-cold water. Sitting in the hot sun all day leads to dehydration, which doesn’t exactly scream “fun in the sun.” Fill all coolers with bottled water, iced tea and lemonade, which will guarantee relief from the heat.

Remember to serve hydrating treats such as frozen grapes or frozen melon balls. Fresh fruit, crisp vegetables, and other cold finger foods are the perfect treats for munching on during an outdoor party.

Consider the location of the grill and fire pit

Lighting a fire during the hottest part of the day may sound unappealing at first, but don’t give up on creating the desired look and ambiance of your outdoor party just yet. A simple way to keep guests comfortable while keeping your fire pit roaring throughout the day is by setting up seating further away from the heat. Likewise, keep the cooking and grilling away from mingling areas to help guests stay cool.

Focus on entertainment

Happy Child Having Fun on a Water Slide at a Summer PartyEntertainment makes or breaks a party, and with outdoor parties, providing a way to cool down could be the difference between a success and a flop. Go big and be the talk of the town by renting a water slide for a unique and fun way to beat the heat! No matter the size of your outdoor party, there are so many water slides to choose from, accompanied with your favorite fishy characters—some that you may recognize from Finding Nemo!

Find water slides and other fun outdoor party rentals from Total Entertainment, your full-service party-planning and rental company dedicated to transforming your average get-together into an unforgettable bash! Give us a call toll-free at 888-339-9995 today to start your party planning.

How to Plan the Perfect Memorial Day Party

Memorial Day is right around the corner, providing you with the perfect opportunity to entertain outdoors! We’ve rounded up some things to consider when throwing a BBQ for the occasion.

Decorate wisely with a color scheme

Picnic Table with Memorial Day Decorations on itLucky for you, your color scheme is built in to this party! Stick to red, white and blue for lots of patriotic pride. Order colored balloons and display an American flag that will wave proudly throughout the day. Spread the theme across tablecloths, disposable plates and silverware, as well!

Plan activities galore

During your Memorial Day party, make sure you have an array of fun activities to do for both adults and kids. Corn Hole and other backyard games provide classic fun for both parties. Rent a photo booth, or inflatable bounce house to really kick it up a notch!

Prepare for any type of weather

Unfortunately, the possibility of rain is ever-looming when planning a backyard party during the warmer months. Consider investing in a tent that guests can gather under in case of poor weather. It also proves beneficial to keep food safe and dry, out of the sun and rain so it can maintain its freshness.

A festive holiday needs festive food

From BBQ chicken to American flag cupcakes, there are a ton of fun options for food and treats to serve your guests. Decide what kind of food you want to be serving up in advance so you can determine if you want to cook or hire a catering service.

Total Entertainment can make your party planning experience a breeze. Browse our party rental options or give us a call at 978-777-2050 to discuss how we can make your Memorial Day party the best BBQ in the neighborhood!

How to Bring Your Classic Movie Night to the Outdoors

The weather is heating up and everyone wants to spend time outside after a long winter spent hibernating. However, we don’t want to leave behind those cozy movie nights! Read on to learn how you can enjoy your classic movie night during the summer season.

Think about your setting

An outdoor movie night is the perfect way to have a fun night out while still having the comfort of your own home. Make sure you pick the right spot on your property that is both well-lit for safety, but dim enough for your movie viewing. You can set up an outdoor TV or have a true theater experience with an inflatable movie screen. Regardless of your plan, check the weather and pray for no rain!

Prevent uninvited guests from crashing your party

By uninvited guests, we mean pests! Be sure to take preventative actions to rid your movie spot of bugs by either providing bug spray or lighting citronella candles around the area.

Up your seating game

Just because you’re not lounging on your couch doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your comfort! Make sure your outdoor movie night is fully stocked with comfy chairs, pillows, and cozy blankets for when the sun goes down.

No movie night is complete without snacks!

Half the reason people go to movie theaters is for that heavenly movie theater popcorn and other concession favorites. So in order to have a successful outdoor movie night, delicious snacks need to be in attendance. Get together an array of chips, popsicles, fruit, etc. and make sure there’s something for everyone!

Let Total Entertainment make your outdoor movie night a hit this summer. We have plenty of movie night packages to choose from, all for one low price! For more information about our movie night services, contact us via our contact form or give us a call toll-free at 888-339-9995.

Planning a Memorable Graduation Party


Graduation day is finally here, can you believe it? This calls for a celebration! Here are a few tips to help you plan the most successful graduation party that will both honor your hard-working grad and create lasting memories.

Who’s on the guest list?

Make sure you work with your grad on the guest list, inviting all of their friends and family to celebrate this exciting achievement with them. Then make sure to send out the invitations as soon as possible so that attendees can plan accordingly.

Use photos to decorate

In order to have a successful graduation party, you want to be able to share memories while also making some in the process! That’s why it’s essential to incorporate photos in your décor. Create a photo display of your grad’s accomplishments from childhood up until graduation day. This will serve as a wonderful timeline that will both celebrate your child and give you a perfect reason to pull out those adorable baby photos again.

Capture memories at the grad party

Graduates throwing their caps into the airDon’t forget about capturing new memories at the graduation party as well, which your grad and guests will appreciate. Consider renting a photo booth where guests can use props and fun themes to create memories and the ultimate party favor. You could also rent the hottest photo attraction on the scene: green screen fun photography! Your guests can choose from a variety of backgrounds like surfing on the open waves, or dancing the night away at a Disco party.

Pick your entertainment

There are plenty of options when it comes to keeping your guests and grad entertained. Don’t worry, we have a few ideas to consider that will be perfect for celebrating your graduate!

  • Carnival Games
  • Caricature artists
  • Karaoke
  • Inflatable bounce houses (although they’re entering adulthood, no graduate would turn down a day spent jumping around with their friends)

No matter what entertainment you choose, Total Entertainment can help make your graduation party one to remember! We have tent rentals, bounce houses, and everything in between. Give us a call at 978-777-2050 to learn more about our party and event rentals!

How to Simplify Your Party Planning

Party planning is stressful and once the date of your event arrives, you’re too exhausted to enjoy it! Here are just a few tips to help you simplify your planning process and still create a successful event.

Give yourself some time (to breathe)

There’s no need to stuff months’ worth of party planning into a week – you’ll drive yourself crazy! That’s why it’s important to plan early and plan slowly. Spread out your party tasks so that you have designated planning days and some downtime in-between. One other thing to accomplish early on in the planning process is sending your invites as soon as possible so that your guests can plan accordingly.

Organize your planning with a checklist

Calendar and planning supplies on a tableYou won’t miss one detail of your event when you compile all of your party planning tasks into one master list. This will help you solidify a timeline and offer you peace of mind throughout the whole planning process. No more crafting 100 unique centerpieces, while worrying about if you called the caterer. With a to-do list in hand, you’ll be able to check off the items as you complete them and keep track of what still needs to be done.

Eliminate menu planning altogether

Deciding on a menu for your event is a difficult task, so why not skip it? Consider having a buffet where guests can create their own plate and can choose from several food options. Full service catering will eliminate the need to work those long hours in the kitchen preparing appetizers, entrees, and desserts, when you could be focusing on other party aspects.

Recruit some help

Remember that you don’t have to plan alone! Enlist some friends, family, or coworkers to help execute your plan. Have a few extra hands working on those unique centerpieces or writing out invitations. It also doesn’t hurt to call in the professionals. Consider hiring a full service event planner to guarantee less stress and happy guests.

For all your party needs, call on the party professionals at Total Entertainment. We are your one-stop-shop for your party planning, catering, and entertainment. Give us a call, toll-free, at 888-339-9995 today to start planning your next event!

Four Reasons Why Your Next Corporate Event Should be a Casino Night

Company Casino Night


It’s time to plan your next corporate event, but your staff has already been there and done that with the ho-hum happy hours and the lackluster lunches. You want to plan an event to remember, an event that will motivate your staff and impress your clients. May we suggest … a casino night?

Here are some reasons why your next corporate event should be a casino night:

It’ll be the perfect ice breaker

If your employees rarely interact with coworkers outside of their departments, playing casino-style games will get them talking and learning about each other, creating a company-wide sense of belonging.

Morale will go through the roof.

A fun night out boosts employee morale and promotes positive feelings about coworkers and the company in general.

So many branding opportunities!

Especially if you’re inviting current or potential clients to the event, a casino night is a great chance to get your brand out there. You can mix your branded décor with the casino themed decorations and with that, the possibilities are truly endless. Your clients will associate your brand with the enjoyable night they had!

A casino night is fun!

Who doesn’t love a night filled with games? The flip of a card and the roll of the dice are thrills everyone can enjoy. Play with “funny money” to keep things fun and low-stakes and share the excitement at the poker tables, money wheel, or slot machines!

Need some help with planning your custom corporate casino night? Total Entertainment is here to help! We offer full-service event planning to the Boston area and have all of the supplies you need for one fabulous night at the casino. Call us toll-free at 888-339-9995 to find out more.

The Ultimate Post Prom Party Checklist

You’ve spent the school year planning out junior or senior prom. From the theme choice and prom song, to the venue and decorations, you haven’t had a moment to think about anything else. But what happens once the dance is over? That’s right – the after-prom party! Here are a few essentials that will help you plan the best after-prom party for your school.

Make sure there’s a way to capture the memories

Entertainment for Your School After-Prom PartyEveryone will be having so much fun and it’s almost a guarantee that they’ll forget to take pictures. Fortunately, there are plenty of options when it comes to providing fun photography for students (and teachers) to enjoy on prom night.

Any party becomes more memorable with a photo booth rental. Students can have fun with props and will only have to wait a few minutes for the results. A photo booth provides you with unlimited photos throughout the party. A different avenue you can choose could be green screen photos! This photo attraction is becoming a popular must-have at every event. Transport your students to the beach or next to their favorite celebrity.

Plan exciting activities

Keep them entertained throughout the night from dance till dusk. Many schools in the Boston area take advantage of carnival games for their events, like arcade games, a ring toss, air hockey, mini golf and more. Make it a more elegant soirée by throwing a casino night! With interactive entertainment and lively themes, a casino night will make your after party just as spectacular as the prom.

Give them a parting gift

A truly awesome after-prom party definitely needs a few things that will entice students to attend. Consider hiring a Caricature Artist to that will give each student a take away from their prom night. Also, be sure to have prizes that they can win. Many students will be going to college in the spring, so there are many essentials that you could have as giveaways.

At Total Entertainment, our main goal is making sure your night is one to remember. We’re your one-stop-shop for all of your after-prom party entertainment. Give us a call at 978-777-2050 today to get a rental quote!

Four Tips for a Successful Outdoor Fundraiser

An outdoor fundraising event is the perfect way to bask in the nice weather while also raising money for a good cause. Here are a few tips to help you plan a fun and successful event this season!

Plan the fundraiser early

PLanning a Fundraising EventIt’s important to start the planning process as early as possible due to the many elements that go into an outdoor event. For some events you’ll have to book your venue and take care of the necessary permits, usually months in advance. Also, solidifying a date early on will give you more time to promote the fundraiser and give people in the community more time to plan to attend.

Look to the forecast

One of the biggest reasons for planning an outdoor fundraiser early is the fact that you have to be ready for any type of weather. You have to plan for the event you want to have and then also develop a back-up plan. This secondary plan includes a rain date for the event if the weather is too harsh on your original date. You can also plan for an alternate venue if the weather misbehaves. Both options will allow you to still hold a successful event without scrambling at the last minute!

Entertain throughout the day and night with…

Outdoor activities

There are several options for entertainment with an outdoor event and you’ll want to make sure your attendees have multiple reasons to stick around. Entertain children with a face painter or a Bubble Zone where they can create bubbles as large as six feet across! Maybe consider having activities for the whole family to take part in, like a caricature artist or inflatable obstacle course.

Fun at the carnival

Another idea that many families enjoy is a fun-filled carnival day! Easy to learn and easy to play games that everyone can try gives event attendees plenty to do. Have an arts and crafts sections for the whole family to enjoy, or rent some classic carnival games that guests will remember from their childhood and share these favorites with their own kids. These games make a great addition to any fundraiser that’s looking to entertain guests of all ages.

Casino night

Add some flair to your next fundraising event with a casino night! Casino night rentals bring interactive entertainment and lively themes to any fundraising event and it doesn’t matter if you’re new to the activity, or an experienced gambler. Your attendees can enjoy slot machines, card and table games, and maybe even some casino themed decor. A casino night has all the makings for a glamorous fundraiser.

Consider the time of day

Most fundraisers take place over the course of a day, so you have to plan accordingly for your guests to be the most comfortable during the event.  If you’re planning a run or fun walk, then it’d be beneficial to start in the cool morning air and leave the other elements of entertainment for after. Be sure to have some shelter from the sun, whether that means natural shade from nearby trees, or utilizing a tent rental to provide shade and protection from the elements.

Total Entertainment has everything you need to make your outdoor fundraising event a success! We are Boston’s one-stop-shop for all quality rentals and entertainment needs. Call us at 978-777-2050 to learn more about our services and start planning your fundraiser!