Host The Ultimate Fantasy Football Draft Party

Fantasy Football Drfat Party IdeasIt’s August, and everyone knows what that means. Football season! It’s almost time when family and friends gather on Sundays and Mondays to yell, scream, cry, and celebrate their favorite NFL teams. It’s also time for enthusiasts young and old to prepare their fantasy teams. So why not kick off the season with a big fantasy football draft party for your friends and neighbors? Go big or go home.

Draft parties can get pretty intense. A few of their golden rules when it comes to these include:

  • No laptops or draft simulators! As they say, it’s “just you and your wits.”
  • Make a real draft board.
  • Don’t allow “call-ins.” Everyone participating must be present.
  • Along the same lines, have a draft party to entice people to come.

Portable BarAt Total Entertainment, we’ve got your party needs completely covered. Indoor, outdoor, day, or night – doesn’t matter. Our Event Rentals and Catering services have everything you would ever want or need for a fantasy draft party, including outdoor tents, tables and chairs, flooring, décor, lighting, and full-service catering!

We’ll also work with you on the theming, so feel free to go all out with your team’s colors.

And don’t worry about setup either – our expert party planners will be there to pitch tents, set out seating arrangements, rig up lighting, and more. Planning out a roster is hard work and requires absolute concentration – there’s a lot at stake. So you don’t need to be worrying about all of the party details. Just leave that to us.

Check out our rentals and catering page and give us a call at 1-888-339-9995 to ask us about your draft part today!