How to Throw a Rad 80’s Themed Party

Your hair is in a side ponytail and your spandex are in place. Seems like you’re all ready for your 80’s themed party!

Before you send out the invites however, check out a few essentials you’ll need to ensure that your 80’s soiree, is the freshest yet.

Dress with the 80’s theme

80's Theme


Who wants to attend a retro party in clothes from the 21st century? If your guests are truly lovers of the decade, they’ll be dying to dig up their favorite neon apparel and dust off those legwarmers to assemble their most favorite 80’s getup.

From jazzercise fans to 80’s glam, you’ll be able to enjoy all of the looks of the decade and perhaps hold a contest for best 80’s garb!

Cue the 80’s music

You can’t relive the 80’s without your favorite tunes! From Michael Jackson and Madonna, to Whitney Houston and Prince, there’s no question as to what your party playlist should consist of.

Bring some of your most beloved music icons back with a killer 80’s DJ that has all of your favorite songs from that decade. This will take some of the pressure off of you to throw together a rad 80’s playlist (phew!) and also allow your guests to request their favorite artists of that time.

Plan the perfect 80’s games and activities

The goal of your party should be to send your guests back in time for the night, and what better way to do so then with nostalgia?

Who knows their 80’s tunes the best?

Have a contest to see who can match the popular 80’s songs with the appropriate artists or have a lip-sync battle.

Host an old-fashioned dance-off

Maybe even throw a moonwalk competition in there to get everyone up and moving.

Arcade games and pinball machines

Galaga Arcade GameAnother rad idea is to rent out a few arcade games and pinball machines! Trying their hand at Donkey Kong and Galaga again might be just the thing your guests need to re-enter their 80’s glory days.

For all of your retro party needs, call on the team at Total Entertainment! We’ll help you celebrate the decade the right way with the freshest DJ and fun-filled activities. Give us a call at 1-888-339-9995 today for more information on our event packages and rentals!

Planning a Successful Karaoke Night

You know what time it is—time for karaoke!

Your karaoke night needs to be a hit, but that doesn’t happen by itself. It takes a few key ingredients to plan a successful karaoke night!

Set a theme

Karaoke Night PartyWe’ve all been there before: the karaoke list is all over the place, with some hits from the 60s, followed by a slow song from the 90s, and then ending with a current Top 40.

While fun to variate, it can be worthwhile to set an overarching theme, like 1960s classic rock, or 1980s club music. That way, you can design the room and layout accordingly, and belt out some of your favorite tracks.

Light it up

Speaking of designing the room, lights go a long way. Setting up some basic lights in your karaoke lounge can really tie the place together and bring that next level of entertainment that will have people rocking all night long.

Cue up the list

Rather than having those awkward pauses between songs, while someone’s anxiously looking at what to play next, it’s worth pre-setting a song list in advance, that covers your theme and includes some good foundational songs to get the party going.

Incentivize your karaoke night

And the best singer goes to… You!

Having prizes and rewards for people compete for will get people out of their shells in no time.

With these four ingredients, you’re ready for a successful karaoke night. Need some help? At Total Entertainment, we have the equipment and DJ talent that you’re looking for to get the party started. Give us a call at 1-888-339-9995 to learn more about our karaoke rental packages and start planning your event today!

Why Your Next Event Needs Arcade Games

Space Invaders, Mortal Kombat, Ms. Pac-Man: the names of these timeless games alone are enough to take us back to the arcades of yesterday, where we spent hours playing games in order to earn enough points to type our initials into the coveted “top score” spot.

Arcade games are an instant crowd-pleaser, and this, among a few other reasons, is why your next event needs to include these coin-operated classics!

Bring your event to the next level with arcade games

Arcade Game Rentals in BostonParties and entertainment go hand-in-hand, and the most successful parties offer an exciting and unique guest experience.

From birthday parties to corporate gatherings, events offer an escape from everyday routine and encourage guests to get out of their comfort zones to try something new.

Spice up your next event with something a little out of the ordinary: arcade games!

Arcade games result in friendly competition and the chance for guests to show off their mad gaming skills. The variety of arcade games on the market offers a game for every skill level and interest. Switch up your average annual event and reach a new level of festivity amusement.

Drum up the nostalgia with Ms. Pac-Man and Donkey Kong

Ms. Pac-Man



What better way to drum up some nostalgia than with classic arcade games?

Whether you’re catering to young children, or adults, arcade games are the perfect entertainers. Older guests will love remembering the last time they played these games as kids and will be grateful to experience them again.

Reinvigorate your team to work together and have fun

Whether a corporate team of employees or a high school football team, groups of people working together benefit from a little fun and creativity. Games encourage people to unleash their true personalities and show a new dimension to their character. Competing to win the highest score on an arcade game inspires positive sportsmanship and lets players show off their individual strengths and talents.

Games resulting in collaboration and fun work to reinvigorate teams, giving them some time to unwind and think of new ways to work together.

Take your party to the next level and let Total Entertainment bring some classic arcade games to your next event. Give us a call at 1-888-339-9995 today to learn more about our arcade game rentals for your next event!

5 Unique Ideas to Entertain Your Guests at Your Next Event

When planning any event, your main goal should be to expertly entertain your guests throughout the course of the day or night. From start to finish, your event attendees will be looking to soak in all that your event has to offer, so it’s essential that you’re offering only the best.

Here are a few entertainment ideas that will have your guests encapsulated and make your event an over-the-top success!

Wow them with a bit of magic

Magician in Boston


Whether you’re entertaining families at a community festival, or your employees at your latest corporate outing, a magician is bound to amuse. With slight-of-hand tricks or a mind-blowing performance, a magician is sure to bring the magic to your next event.

Entrance them with a hypnotist

A hypnotist will definitely ensure that everyone is having a good time at your event. Whether you’re the one being hypnotized or you’re in the audience, you won’t believe your eyes as you watch what the power of hypnosis can do.

Test your guests’ knowledge with a game show

Everyone is a sucker for some good competition. With a Jeopardy-style trivia game show, your guests won’t know what hit them!

Bring in the podium, display board and even a game show host. It’ll be as if Alex Trebek was in the building!

Or test your guests’ luck with a casino night

Casino Game Rentals


Let your event attendees try their hand at a few of the most beloved card games and slots when you have your very own casino night! Blackjack, Craps, Roulette and more; a casino night is sure to entertain all night long.

And who doesn’t love food?

Yes, the food at your event is an entertainment factor for your guests. Get creative and make your guests move around by having different food and beverage stations set up around your venue. The food will be scrumptious, and your guests can mingle the night away!

Equipped with these creative ideas, your guests will have no choice but to be entertained. And for all of your entertainment needs, call on Total Entertainment, your one-stop party and entertainment shop!

Give us a call at 888-339-9995 today for more information on our affordable event and entertainment rentals!

Five Simple Event Entertainment Ideas to Wow Your Guests

In 2018, it’s essential for every event to present their guests with a non-stop, interactive experience that will indulge both their short attention spans and their need to be consistently entertained. Whether it’s a corporate outing, a child’s birthday party, a high school dance, or an elegant fundraiser, your guests will be looking for a total entertainment experience.

Keep the kids entertained or the adults amused with these top entertainment ideas for your next event!

Give the event some color with a face painter

Arts and Entertainment Rentals for Your Next EventFace painting is always a hit among kids and parents alike! Whether it’s a small doodle on the cheek or you’re transformed into a full-blown ethereal fairy, face painting can add excitement to any party.

Fake tattoos are all the rage—especially if you add some glitter

Just like face painting, glitter and airbrush tattoos can give your guests a unique opportunity to revamp their look—in a non-permanent way! These artists usually have a collection of designs to choose from and the whole process takes just a few minutes.

Turn anything into a contest and you have their attention

It’s easy to pique the competitive sides of your guests when there’s something worth vying for. Make your entire event a competition by adding a theme and including a costume contest or plan out several little activities that will keep everyone wanting to win.

Show off your guests’ character with a caricature artist

Book a Caricature Artist for Your Next EventYour event attendees are bound to become entranced with a caricature artist. Bringing out their most prominent features and showing their personality in a caricature is a perfect token for them to take away from your event and remember all of the memories they made.

Get creative with music and get your guests involved

It never hurts to hand the microphone off to your audience, but why not plan for it and incorporate some karaoke? Guests can have fun singing along to their favorite songs and dancing the night away.

Your event doesn’t have to break the bank when it comes to entertainment. At Total Entertainment, we’re your one-stop party and entertainment source. Browse our vast collection of party rentals and give us a call at 888-339-9995 to learn more about our services!

Event Planning: How to Prepare for Bad Weather

When you’re planning a party for the outdoors, it’s easy to plan for food, entertainment, invitations, etc. However, one thing that’s not so easy to plan for is the weather.

Preparing for bad weather is essential for planning an outdoor event and we know just how you can do it so your party is ready for that potential rain!

Take cover of your electronics

Most parties have an electrical element to it, whether it’s lighting, stereo systems, or some other technical equipment. When planning an outdoor event, make sure you have plenty of tarps and large garbage bags that you can use to cover any non-water-resistant materials and prevent damage.

Take cover of your guests

Planning an Outdoor Party in BostonProtect your guests from the elements by renting a tent. A tent is always a smart idea, even if the weather forecast shows only sunshine. But sometimes people need reprieve from direct sunlight just as much as they need to shield themselves from rain. Tents with no walls are easy for guests to walk in and out of, but in certain cases, you may want to have siding that rolls down in case your rain pairs up with some powerful gusts of wind.

Have an evacuation plan

Should the weather really pick up and become dangerous, have an evacuation plan ready to share with guests so they can take cover and make it to safety quickly.

Have a backup plan

At the end of the day, severe weather happens and it’s important to have a backup plan if you need to move things indoors last minute. Whatever the venue you choose, aim for one with an inside area that you can utilize if need be.

For all of your party needs, rain or shine, call on Total Entertainment! We make it easy for you to plan for any outdoor party by offering the best and most reliable Boston-area tent and party rentals. Call us at 978-777-2050 today to start planning your next party!

Top Event Planning Trends of 2018

Event attendees hold new expectations each year when it comes to the venue, experiences, and activities. Give your guests something to remember by staying attuned to the biggest event planning trends of 2018!

Holistic activities

Event attendees are consistently seeking out new, unique activities to experience. Guests appreciate a wide array of options for spending their time and offering only one simple activity or event is unlikely to capture the interests and passions of each individual person. Offer fun and exciting things to do at your event that go beyond the basics.

Guest experience is one of the most important aspects of your event. Allow guests free time where they can choose between multiple events and activities; this allows attendees to pick and enjoy their favorite forms of entertainment or education.

Play on emotion

Planning a Successful Event in 2018Event attendees in 2018 seek out events that make them feel known and understood. Personal experiences prove successful, where attendees can express who they are and show off their skills and talents. Make your event a must-attend attraction by paying special attention to your guest list and catering the décor, activities, and favors towards your audience.

Events in 2018 require engaging experiences that draw the audience in and play on the five senses. Include multi-sensory areas and hands-on displays, and try integrating scents and mood-setting soundtracks. Attendees will appreciate your efforts to give them this experience and make them feel comfortable.

Imaginative venues

Nontraditional and bold venues create lasting memories for attendees, and in 2018, the bigger, the better. Move beyond the conventional four-wall layout and inspire attendees with fun and unique event layouts that invite interactions and reflect the personality, values, and statements of the event.

Make an impression with your venue by considering extraordinary places for your event’s backdrop, like castles or museums. Customize and transform your venue with special elements like photo booths or inflatables. Keep your event the talk of the year with a versatile venue certain to turn heads.

Find holistic activities, stir up some happy emotions, and make your venue pop with amazing and affordable event rentals from Total Entertainment, your one-stop party shop and entertainment source for keeping up with the 2018 event planning trends! Give us a call at 888-339-9995 today to start planning!

Designing a Successful Layout for Your Next Event

Event attendees deserve a comfortable seating arrangement that helps conversation flow and encourages focus and attention. Choosing a successful layout for your next event depends on your event purpose, activities, venue, and guests!

What’s the purpose of your event?

Hosting a networking conference or a company retreat requires different layouts from hosting a new employee orientation or higher-level board meeting. The type of event you need to conduct instructs you on which layout you need for success.

Classroom-style layouts that include rows of tables with chairs pointed towards a central presentation area would allow new employees to take notes, while a cocktail style layout with high tables placed around the room provides networking conference attendees a chance to mingle.

Take into account your guests

The number of event attendees also encourages one layout over another. Remember that some layouts require extra space while others waste space and thus prove impractical for large groups.

Banquet layouts allow you to place tables efficiently and use them at maximum capacity with seating around the entire table. Similarly, cabaret layouts include round tables, but they only make use of half of the tables so no one has their backs to the central presentation area. Such a setup may not work with larger groups.

Consider your venue

Conference Speaker Talking to a Room of PeopleEvent venue already booked? Consider the space offered by the venue before choosing your layout. Take note of any heavy furniture or other items that venues may not be willing to move and factor these things into your event spacing.

Does the venue offer multiple rooms for different events throughout the day? How much furniture is available to you? If you need a stage for presentations, does the venue include one? Visualize your event occurring in the venue and plot out the uses for specific areas in your layout.

Did you leave room for activities?

Another factor to keep in mind when designing your layout is the event’s activities. Consider where guests will be most comfortable and successful during the activities you’ve prepared. If a day full of presentations is in store, a theater style layout offers rows of chairs facing a central point. Boardroom layouts prove perfect for breakout sessions, where everyone sits around one large table and faces inwards.

Thinking through your event activities will help you land on a successful layout. Time and manpower permitting, consider switching up the layout throughout the day during longer events to match activities.

Need some help picking the perfect layout? Let Total Entertainment make your next event memorable and stress-free; we offer full-service event planning along with a large array of event rentals to choose from. Give us a call at 978-777-2050 today!

Choosing the Perfect Theme for Your Next Party

From celebrating your company’s success to throwing your child’s first birthday party, choosing whether or not to have a theme is a task. If a themed party is chosen, the challenge is now choosing a theme fit for the occasion.

Here are few things to keep in mind when deciding on a theme for your upcoming event!

Consider your occasion and audience

It’s important that you keep the reason for your celebration and the guests that will be in attendance in mind when choosing a theme because you wouldn’t want to host a casino night at a child’s birthday party. Corporate events that’s main purpose is networking should be kept simple and elegant. A company party or team building event could thrive with a casino night and a child’s birthday party would find success with a theme that was interactive and fun with several games and activities to keep the young ones occupied!

Date, time, and location of your party

Group of Friends at a Themed Party in BostonThese basic party planning details come into play when deciding your theme. Think about the days surrounding your event. If it’s near a major holiday, then your theme is easily picked for you! Patriotic décor around the Fourth of July and everything glitter to reign in the new year.

Time and location are vital to your theme as well, because some locations are your theme. Whether your event is at the zoo, or at a whimsical garden, your theme is in your setting. Be sure to keep your timing in mind too so that you’re not serving adult beverages at an inopportune time.

Don’t forget about the most important part: you!

If you are crowned as the personal party planner, then you and your vision must be trustworthy. Research what’s on trend for corporate outings or children’s parties, then once you’ve compiled some ideas, ask the public. Involve your employees in choosing the theme or leave it up to the imagination of your child.

At Total Entertainment, we work with you to bring your theme to life! With inflatable bounce houses of varying themes and a full package casino night to take advantage of, we have everything you need to plan a perfectly-themed party. Give us a call toll-free at 888-339-9995 and start your planning today!

How to Simplify Your Party Planning

Party planning is stressful and once the date of your event arrives, you’re too exhausted to enjoy it! Here are just a few tips to help you simplify your planning process and still create a successful event.

Give yourself some time (to breathe)

There’s no need to stuff months’ worth of party planning into a week – you’ll drive yourself crazy! That’s why it’s important to plan early and plan slowly. Spread out your party tasks so that you have designated planning days and some downtime in-between. One other thing to accomplish early on in the planning process is sending your invites as soon as possible so that your guests can plan accordingly.

Organize your planning with a checklist

Calendar and planning supplies on a tableYou won’t miss one detail of your event when you compile all of your party planning tasks into one master list. This will help you solidify a timeline and offer you peace of mind throughout the whole planning process. No more crafting 100 unique centerpieces, while worrying about if you called the caterer. With a to-do list in hand, you’ll be able to check off the items as you complete them and keep track of what still needs to be done.

Eliminate menu planning altogether

Deciding on a menu for your event is a difficult task, so why not skip it? Consider having a buffet where guests can create their own plate and can choose from several food options. Full service catering will eliminate the need to work those long hours in the kitchen preparing appetizers, entrees, and desserts, when you could be focusing on other party aspects.

Recruit some help

Remember that you don’t have to plan alone! Enlist some friends, family, or coworkers to help execute your plan. Have a few extra hands working on those unique centerpieces or writing out invitations. It also doesn’t hurt to call in the professionals. Consider hiring a full service event planner to guarantee less stress and happy guests.

For all your party needs, call on the party professionals at Total Entertainment. We are your one-stop-shop for your party planning, catering, and entertainment. Give us a call, toll-free, at 888-339-9995 today to start planning your next event!