Unique Fall Party Games for Kids

DIY Halloween Activities for KidsFrom leaf-themed birthday parties to spooky Halloween extravaganzas, your fall events deserve some special attention this year. One of the best ways to celebrate the autumn season is with some unique fall party games to delight and excite kids of all ages.

Check out some easy-to-duplicate party games below!

Candy Corn Ring Toss

The familiar white, orange, and yellow corn-shaped Halloween candy meets glow necklaces in a fun fall party game called Candy Corn Ring Toss.

To create the candy corn, start with some orange plastic safety cones and spray paint the yellow and white colors on the cones to match the famed candy. Grab some glow necklaces in a variety of colors that are large enough to ring around the cones.

To play, separate kids into two teams. Choose an acceptable distance away from the cones and mark this off as the point to stand behind when tossing.

Award two points to any rings that fully round the cones, and one point for any that lean on or touch the cones.

The first team to reach 21 points wins!

“Feed the Monster”

Ghosts, goblins, and monsters haunt Halloween night! Get into the holiday spirit with the “Feed the Monster” Halloween game.

First, obtain a large cardboard box and cut a mouth shape into one of the corners. Cover the box up in fur-like material, folding the material into the mouth section to leave that section open.

Create some teeth from white craft foam and glue around the mouth. Make your monster some eyes and arms and add some decorative elements as desired. Use some small foam balls painted to resemble eyeballs as the items to throw into the monster’s mouth.

When your monster is complete, it is time to play.

Line up the kids and let them take turns “feeding the monster” with the eyeballs!


Easy and fun for all ages, the Poke-A-Pumpkin game is the perfect way to surprise players with treats and sweets. The goal is to use plastic cups and construction paper to create a pumpkin that rests against a poster board.

Begin by cutting orange and green tissue paper into squares big enough to cover the tops of your cups. Put a prize into each cup and secure the square of paper over the cup with a rubber band. Assemble your cups into a pumpkin shape and glue onto a poster board.

Once completed, allow children to take turns poking their finger through the paper into the cup of their choice to claim their prize.

Classic Carnival Games

Carnival Games Rentals for Fall EventUnique fall party games move your fall event from average to spectacular!

Kids love classic carnival games like duck pond, balloon toss, miniature golf, and darts. Giant board games, like checkers, chess, and Jenga, are the perfect outdoor activity in the cooler fall weather.

Add some arts and crafts to your event like bead making or frame making. Let each guest create their own stuffed animal complete with a heart, birth certificate, and outfit. Delight kids with candy art and custom shirts.

For all your fun fall needs, call on Total Entertainment! We’re a full-service party planning and rental company offering easy-to-play games for children of all ages. Call us at 888-339-9995 today for more information about our party rentals!

How to Host an Easter Egg Hunt

If you’re in charge of the EastHow to Host an Easter Egg Hunt er egg hunt for your school, church, neighborhood, or otherwise, it’s important to make sure that it is both well-planned and entertaining.

Planning an Easter egg hunt can be a difficult task, especially if you’re planning for a large crowd. The hunt itself can’t be too challenging for younger children but also can’t be too easy for older children. It’s important to cater the event towards your entire audience and make it a memorable experience for all.

Please Go Plastic

You might be convinced that the only way to host an Easter egg hunt is to hide hard-boiled eggs but we highly encourage you to hide plastic eggs. Although it might be considered “traditional” to hide hard boiled eggs, doing so can be a major risk. Children, regardless of age, tend to throw eggs around carelessly. With cracked shells and split eggs, hard-boiled eggs can quickly get messy. Plastic eggs are just as colorful and vibrant and they don’t leave messes or smells behind. You can fill them with candies or coins to make them a bit more exciting.

Offer Other Activities

For teens, or even ten years old and up, Easter egg hunts can get dull quickly. Even if you put in a tremendous amount of effort to find the best hiding places possible, older children might not appreciate them. Consider offering other activities to keep older children, and even adults, entertained while the little ones hunt. We have a variety of carnival games available for rent that will help to entertain people that might not be interested in hunting for eggs. We also have face painters available that can paint flowers, eggs, butterflies, and much more.

Provide Tasty Treats

If you’re going to be hosting a decent sized hunt, it’s important to provide snacks for attendees. Whether you are hosting an inside or outside event, you can provide small snacks such as cupcakes, cookies, and other sweet treats for guests. If you want to provide some healthier options, consider serving vegetables or fruits that are easy for big and little hands to grab. Some popular choices also include jellybeans, mini chocolate eggs, fruit popsicles, and fresh finger sandwiches.

Total Entertainment can help you start planning your upcoming Easter egg hunt to make sure that all of your guests leave “hoppy!”

Great Themes for Spring Parties

Great Themes for Spring Parties  We are so excited that spring is getting closer. After being inside the majority of the winter, we can’t wait to get out and celebrate spring. Now that it is starting to get warmer outside, celebrate with a spring or summer outdoor party, just because! We have compiled a list of some of our favorite spring party ideas!

Outdoor Palooza for the Kids

The kids have spent the winter cooped up inside, running in circles in the living and glued to their technology. Now that spring has sprung, it’s time to remind them how much fun it can be to play outside and encourage them to get out! Consider hosting an outdoor party for the neighbor kids or close friends to get people outside, trust us, they’ll thank you for it!

Our bounce house and moonwalk rentals are perfect for these types of parties when the theme is focused on getting up off the couch and getting moving! Kids can burn plenty of energy jumping around in a bounce house and they will surely be the highlight of your party. Children will anxiously wait in line for their chance to bounce and play among some of their favorite characters, including the crews from Toy Story, Shrek, and Frozen.

Laugh Factory Night for the Parents

If the kids are all tuckered out from all the bouncing, the parents have a chance to celebrate warmer weather. Consider hosting a comedy-themed party for your friends to give them a chance at some spring sunshine and good times.

There’s really no better way to shake off a winter-induced dreary state of mind than with some good cocktails and endless laughter. Our comedians and entertainers are perfect for a laugh-themed party! Say hello to spring by hosting an outdoor comedy event where you can enjoy the company of good friends while experiencing some great laughs.

Old Fashioned Carnival Games

When we think about spring and summer, we often imagine an old fashioned carnival! Rent our carnival games, great for people of all ages outside, and have your friends over for some dunk tank, duck pond, balloon toss, mini golf, ring toss and more! And don’t forget to rent some food trucks—carnival snacks are the best part of carnivals! We’re talking about funnel cake, hot dogs, and more.

There’s no doubt about it, spring is in the air! Celebrate the season with rentals from Total Entertainment.

Starting to Think Spring

Here at Total Entertainment, we are starting to think spring. We loveTotal Entertainment Rentals when the weather gets nice enough for our bounce houses, carnival games, and outdoor fun. We have a variety of outdoor rentals that can entertain guests. Although the weather hasn’t cleared up yet, it’s time to start planning spring events.

Many churches, schools, offices, and communities throw spring carnivals to celebrate warm weather and spring holidays. With spring being just a few months away, it’s time to start planning. Here are some must-have rentals for your upcoming carnivals:

Dunk Tank

A dunk tank is the prefect addition for any spring event. It is a great source of entertainment for guests of all ages. If you want your carnival to make a splash, having a dunk tank available for guests is a must.  You can use the dunk tank to fundraise money for a good cause or you can just use it for some good old fashioned fun. Send someone into it that that is willing to be a good sport and let the laughs begin.

Dart Game

If you are hosting a spring carnival, you have to have some of the “classic” carnival games available to guests. People love playing carnival games and they’ll always draw a crowd.  A dart game option can be fun for adults and kids. A dart game is pretty simple for young children to play but it can also serve as a challenge for adults if you make them throw from a distance. These classic games will have the adults feeling nostalgic and the children feeling eager.

Inflatable Obstacle Course 

If you are planning an outdoor carnival, an inflatable obstacle course will tire out the children without fail. (Plus, they look freaking awesome!) Inflatable obstacle courses will challenge children and help keep them active throughout the party. Consider providing small prizes for the winners of each race and turn the obstacle course into a healthy competition among guests.

Planning for Purim

Many people of the Jewish faith are starting to plan their Purim celebrations. Purim is a Jewish holiday that is a time of celebration for people of that faith. Purim is a holiday where the Jewish population remembers the defeat of a plot to exterminate the Jews, celebrating their faith and their survival. Many Jewish families and synagogues celebrate this holiday with carnivals, foods, and games.

If you are looking for rentals for your spring carnival or event, contact Total Entertainment to start booking the necessities now.

Host a Very Merry Holiday Theme Party

If you are planning to host a holiday party this year, incorporating a unique holiday theme into your party will make your guests rejoice. People often host “winter wonderland” themed parties, and as much as we blue decorations and cutout snowflakes, standard holiday themes are growing tiresome. Instead, we have compiled several unique themes that will secure your spot on the nice list.

Summer In December

Most people are familiar with the expression “Christmas in July” but we think that “Summer in December” has a nice ring to it. Consider hosting a party in the middle Host a Very Merry Holiday Theme Partyof winter that is centered on summer with a holiday focus. For instance, you could purchase a light-up palm tree and hang ornaments from it. You could also consider renting several carnival games that you would typically play in summer months such as a ring toss or a putt-putt course. To get people in a summer state of mind, you can play Christmas music that has a more of a “beach feel” such as the Beach Boys or Colbie Caillat. Santa can also make an appearance on his way home from vacation.

Magical Movie Marathon

People love watching holiday movies and whether they admit it or not, most people set aside time to watch the classics. If you want to give your guests a holiday party to remember, host a merry movie marathon party and show a few holiday themed movies. To bring the movie you’re showing to life, you can put up decorations that directly relate to the movies. If you show “The Christmas Story,” you can purchase the classic leg lamp to plug in while the movie is playing. If you show “Elf” for the children, you can serve all snacks with a side of syrup, at your own risk of course. You can also rent one of our face painters to paint favorite characters onto their cheeks, keeping them entertained during the movie.

Crafting for Christmas

Host a Very Merry Holiday Theme PartyHow great would it be to go to a holiday party and leave with several presents for your loved ones? If you host a party toward the beginning of the season, throw a craft themed party. You and your guests can create small gifts for loved ones such as ornaments, holiday cards, jewelry, etc. If you feel comfortable, ask everyone to pitch in several dollars for supplies and say that you’ll provide the food and drinks. You can also rent several of our art and craft rentals. We offer customized shirt making, frame making, and bead making, just to name a few. Guests will find great joy in checking some of their holiday to-do list off while enjoying a holiday party of their own.

Consider hosting your holiday party using one of these suggested themes to give the gift of creative cheer this holiday season. Contact Total Entertainment to make your holiday party sparkle and shine.

Host a Party in a Small Indoor Location

Many of us have homes that are on the smaller side which really just means that our homes are extra cozy. Houses come in all shapes and sizes and that should not prevent you from hosting a party, it should encourage you to prove that smaller houses can host parties too. With the holiday season quickly approaching, many of us will have company over. Total Entertainment has some hints on how to accommodate a large amount of people in a small space.

Select a Simple Theme
Theme parties are fun and we are (clearly) a huge fan of throwing a theme driven bash. However, you don’t always need to go all out with your theme. Themes can be generalized and still be effective and entertaining. For Total1instance, you can narrow down your theme by throwing a car themed party rather than a Dodge Coronet Convertible party. A “carnival game” themed party could include one or two game rentals which don’t take up much space but can identify a certain theme.

Invite Who You Want There
When we have parties, we often feel obligated to invite everyone. Maybe you feel like you can’t talk to our coworker about the party unless you invite them and maybe the same hairdresser has cut your hair for a decade that you feel guilty leaving them out. I am going to break the news, you don’t need to invite everyone and you can’t. A smaller space is just that, it’s small and room is limited. Keep your invitation list to a minimum and invite the people that you truly want there.

Designate Spaces
If you have a smaller space to work with, you need to use it wisely. Specify an area for children to play, for people to eat, and for adults to chat. This will help you avoid everyone standing in the same room doing different things. Designate sections of the house with cute signs to indicate where each person should end up. You can also use space that you already have. For instance, use your coffee table for appetizers if it’s there, don’t waste the surface.

Even if you do have a smaller space to host your party, rest assured that Total Entertainment will improve the party regardless of the venue size. From face paintings to caricature artists, we can provide simple yet memorable party services.

Everything You Need for the Perfect Carnival Event

Making your next event a success takes a good bit of planning. Whether you are holding a corporate event or a kid’s birthday party, it’s a good idea to have entertainment options to keep your guests amused. One popular theme for events around Salem is a carnival theme, which can be fun for all ages. A carnival theme is fairly broad, so you have some flexibility about what games, party decorations, and food to have at your event. When you are in the midst of event planning , however, be sure to consider the following items.

Carnival Games

One of the main draws of a carnival is all of the fun games that are available to play. That’s why you should consider having a variety of carnival gamesto appeal to your guests. Everyone likes to test their speed and accuracy, so have Baseball Toss along with a handful of prizes to award the best pitchers. If your event is taking place during the day, or just when temperatures outside are on the warmer side, there’s no better game to have than Dunk Tank. You can rotate who sits in the hot seat, or give your guests a chance to dunk the boss or a parent!

Inflatable Games

Inflatable games are the perfect party rental to have at your event, especially if there will be kids in attendance. Children love to play in the Ball Bounce Pit or work on their basketball skills in the Full Court Press. No matter what ages your guests are, Sumo Suits are always a hit. Just put a suit on yourself and a friend, and let the hilarity ensue. These games are particularly great for helping your younger guests burn some energy.

Arts and Crafts

Not all of your guests will want to take part in physical games, so have some hands-on activities for them to participate in. An arts and crafts station can include picture-frame making, spin art, tie dye shirts, and more. Talk to your event planner about setting up different stations around your carnival so that all of your guests will be thoroughly entertained.

Photo Booth Package Options for Your Next Event

A photo booth is an excellent source of entertainment that every Cambridge party planner should consider when weighing party rental equipment options. In addition to generating smiles and laughter, a photo booth creates memories from your event that will help guests remember the party and cherish their experience for a lifetime.

Technological advances have ensured that photo booths can do some pretty neat things these days, such as greet people as they enter the booth to have their photos taken. If you are on a tight budget, however, even the most basic photo booth packages can enhance the atmosphere of a party and the experience that guests have.

Party rental supply companies offer basic, deluxe, and customizable photo booth packages. Consider your budget and preferences for image quality and more as you navigate these options to select a photo booth package for your next event!

Essential Elements for Your Child’s Birthday Party

Birthday parties are often the highlight of a child’s year, and planning a party that makes your son or daughter squeal with excitement can be very rewarding. In order for a birthday party to be a hit with children and run smoothly, there are several elements that must be arranged. As you go about planning your child’s next birthday party or hiring a professional party planner based in Massachusetts to make arrangements for you, keep the following essentials in mind:


Depending on how old your child is and the theme or location of the party you are planning, you may need to think about entertaining adults. Thankfully, this is an easier task than trying to keep children entertained and can usually be accomplished with a nice spread of party snacks and refreshing beverages. Since food is also the fuel that will keep children at your party from getting grumpy and sleepy, you should arrange to have a variety of food items so that there is something for everyone.


Bounce houses, inflatable jungle gyms, and obstacle courses can invoke joy and enthusiasm in most children. If you are throwing a party in your backyard, arrange to rent a couple of inflatable entertainment centers and the party is sure to be a hit.

Face Painting

Another activity that is a favorite of many children is face painting. Professional face painters are not that expensive, but they can really contribute to the success of a party. For maximum impact, choose face painters whose collections include the latest cartoon character favorites.

Arts and Crafts

Most kids love hands-on activities, but many of them have limited attention spans. Break up bounce house playtime with interactive arts and crafts activities to keep children at the party from becoming bored.

You know your child better than anyone else does, which is something to keep in mind throughout the party planning process. Still, an event planner with access to inflatables and other party essentials can help make your child’s next birthday party one for the books.

What Total Entertainment Can Do for You

Inflatables, carnival games, mechanical rides, and photo booths are just
a handful of the exciting party accessories that Total Entertainment can
provide you with for your next Boston or Cambridge party. For a look at
what else the

party rental company
can supply you with, check out this brief video clip.

Regardless of the type of party or event you are planning, you can improve
the atmosphere and party offerings with the right party rental supplies.
Total Entertainment can supply you with everything from high quality tent
rentals and party lighting to face painting and caricature artists. Keep
this in mind the next time you plan a party in the Cambridge area.