Fun Activities For Your Child’s Birthday Party

Birthday parties are an event that children really look forward to. They are a fun opportunity for them to get together with their friends outside of school. They get excited about what to wear, what gifts they will receive, and the fun games and activities they can play. 

It can be difficult for parents to find interesting ideas, so we have provided some below to help you give your child a birthday party to remember.

Bounce Houses

Renting out a bounce house is the easiest way to make your child’s party an absolute hit. Children absolutely love bouncing and playing on bounce houses and it will entertain them for the majority of the party. These inflatable structures come in a variety of colors and themes. Total Entertainment has a variety of themes to choose from including Frozen, Toy Story, and Justice League. You can also rent out inflatable obstacle courses as well where you can run races and hold small competitions for prizes.

Soap Boat and Race Track

In order to do this, you will need some rain gutters, soap bars, toothpicks, paper, water, and a hose. Children can make a soap boat using a bar of soap and toothpicks. Place the rain gutter on top of a small table and hang the hose on the top. Turn the tap on and let the children be surprised at how fast the soap bars move down with the water. Time the boats to see who wins the “race!”

Ice Tower Excavation

This is a perfect summer party activity. Freeze a few smaller item toys in ice to create a rainbow ice tower. You can freeze small items from the dollar stores (beaded necklaces, small dolls, or fake coins) in a tower of ice and give a set of tools to the kids – paintbrush, salt, eye droppers and squeeze bottles. Children can work to bring down the icy tower and win the prizes inside.

Foam Paint

Kids love using paints and foam paint can be easily created at home. All you need to create your own foam paint is craft glue, food coloring, and shaving cream. To create your own foam paint, mix equal parts of shaving cream, craft glue, and food coloring to a zip-lock bag. Squeeze the bags tightly so the ingredients mix together. Make a slight cut at one corner of the bag and use it is an icing pipe to let the foam flow.

Movie Nights

Children love the Disney and Pixar classics, and most parents do too. Holding a “movie themed” birthday party is great way to entertain the whole crowd. You can rent a jumbo inflatable movie screen with our movie night package, which is a sure way to entertain the crowd.  We also have popcorn and food machines to rent at a discounted rate to include with this package, because a movie isn’t a movie without a good snack.

Carnival Games 

Children and adults of all ages love the carnival, and what better way to celebrate during a birthday party than with carnival games. Total Entertainment has a variety of games available for rent, which include Giant Jenga, Balloon Darts, Ring Toss, Kan Jam and more! Visit our Carnival Games page for more information. 

All of these activities are guaranteed to impress children and parents alike.

Many of these activities teach children team building skills while allowing them to have unlimited fun. Book Total Entertainment for your child’s birthday party and let us make it the best one yet!