Our readers focus and report on only positive information. These readings are meant for entertainment purposes only. Their readings run between 3-5 minutes or 5-7 minutes depending on the type of reading. The most popular type of reading is the tarot card.

There are many types of psychics, including:

  • Tarot Card Reader
  • Gypsy Card Reader
  • Palm Reader
  • Astrology
  • Signature/Handwriting Analysis – The person’s signature is analyzed and the person is told things about themselves.
  • Numerology – The person gives a reader a date and the reader tells them something about themselves.
  • Pendulum – This is when a question is asked to the reader and they hold a pendulum over a chart and the pendulum swings to the answers.
  • Psychometry – This is the reading of personal items such as jewelry or person objects.
  • Feng Shui – The guest would sit down with the psychic and tell them what they would like to see improved. The guest is asked to draw on a piece of paper their room the way it is now. The psychic using this drawing explains how things can be rearranged and changed to improve or achieve their goals.
  • We have other types of psychics available per your request.