DJ Equipment Rentals

Serving the greater Boston and Revere region of Massachusetts, Total Entertainment offers a variety of DJ equipment for rent. From stereo setups to cords to microphones, we have you covered!

When thinking about what kind of tone you want to set for your party or celebration, deciding what music will be playing is critical. Music infuses life into any get-together, whether you’re looking for everyone to get up and moving or to keep things smooth and elegant. Having music is an integral part of any party, and having the correct equipment ensures that the music is clear, crisp and loud enough for everyone to enjoy.

We make sure all of our equipment is functioning correctly and in good condition before sending it out, relieving you of any stresses the day of your party.

For those parties that involve little ones, we also offer bounce houses for rent. Keeping the kids entertained and occupied is extremely important for the flow of the party. Bored children are not easy for the adults watching them or for the kids themselves, but our bounce houses are the perfect way to keep them happy, entertained and active. They are fantastic for running out a sugar high, and kids of all ages can have a fun afternoon jumping and playing. All of our bounce houses are perfectly safe and well-constructed, and we take extra care to ensure each house is in good condition so that you can rest easy while your children have fun.

To learn more about pricing and equipment availability, give Total Entertainment a call today at 978-777-2050.