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Rodney Dangerfield

rodney20 years of looking like, sounding like, and acting like Rodney Dangerfield in comedy clubs, casinos, at corporate functions, private parties, fundraisers and radio and television all over the country and the islands, golf tournaments and cruise ships. The real Rodney and his wife, Joan, saw this act and thought it was spooky.

  • Lead role in independent film, Mr. Las Vegas, 2001 
  • TV Show Thirty Seconds of Fame, 2002 
  • Voted No.1 in Comedy by judges at the USA World Showcase held at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, 2003 
  • Outstanding Artist Award at World Tribute Artist Championship, Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada, 2003 
  •  Honored for Outstanding Performance in Contemporary Comedy: Reel Awards, 2004. 
  • Harrah’s Celebrity Poker Tournament’s Golden Nugget’s Celebrity Poker Tournament, Las Vegas Comedy Festival Flamingo Hotel with George Wallace, 2004 
  • Best in Comedy Reel Awards, 2005 
  • Captain Cooks Hotel for the Contractors Awards in Anchorage Alaska.


Our readers focus and report on only positive information. These readings are meant for entertainment purposes only. Their readings run between 3-5 minutes or 5-7 minutes depending on the type of reading. The most popular type of reading is the tarot card.

There are many types of psychics, including:

  • Tarot Card Reader
  • Gypsy Card Reader
  • Palm Reader
  • Astrology
  • Signature/Handwriting Analysis – The person’s signature is analyzed and the person is told things about themselves.
  • Numerology – The person gives a reader a date and the reader tells them something about themselves.
  • Pendulum – This is when a question is asked to the reader and they hold a pendulum over a chart and the pendulum swings to the answers.
  • Psychometry – This is the reading of personal items such as jewelry or person objects.
  • Feng Shui – The guest would sit down with the psychic and tell them what they would like to see improved. The guest is asked to draw on a piece of paper their room the way it is now. The psychic using this drawing explains how things can be rearranged and changed to improve or achieve their goals.
  • We have other types of psychics available per your request.


mime2Have one of our talented Mime Artists at your next Party or Event.   Great for Cocktail Hour Fun, or for even a sensational 30-minute show!   Comedy and Pathos are both evident when our Mime performs.

They’ll have you in stitches one minute, tearing up the next.

Mimes can be booked for Singing Telegrams, too!

Price is determined by location and duration, call now!


VentriloquistVentriloquist Jeff Dunham is the top grossing comedian and Kevin Driscoll is Jeff’s great, great grandfather (no, not really). Kevin has performed at comedy clubs throughout New England including Dick Doherty’s Comedy Vault in Boston, The Comedy Studio, Foxwoods Casino, and many more. Kevin plays piano with his left hand, bass drum with his right foot, hi-hat with his left foot, and he “helps” his puppets sing or speak with his right hand.

Price is determined by location and duration, call now!


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