Airbrush Tattoo Artists in Boston, MA

Airbrushing is a fast and easy way to make seamless, detailed, temporary tattoos.

An airbrush artist uses a stencil to create a beautiful design and fills in the outlines with spray-on, airbrush paint.

You can schedule airbrush tattoos for kid’s parties in Boston, Massachusetts, with Total Entertainment and give your guests something they can take home with them.

Airbrushing is, of course, completely painless and also removes the need to sit still for long periods.

Total Entertainment’s artists conduct airbrush tattoos for all kinds of parties in Boston, Massachusetts, including birthdays, fundraisers, corporate events, school events and many more.

Sitting for just a few minutes, an airbrush artist can paint on the tattoo of your choice with the colors you prefer.

With over fifty designs to choose from, adults, kids, boys and girls of all ages can find the perfect piece to show off.  The artist can paint

  • Detailed Flowers,
  • Butterflies
  • Dragons
  • Eagles
  • Snakes
  • Birds
  • Hearts
  • Tribal Designs and many more with solid colors or color transitions.

Friends can get matching tattoos, show off their favorite designs and compare their artwork throughout the day.

Call today for more information and to schedule an artist for your upcoming event.