Carnival Games

Carnival Game Rentals in Boston can add a completely new dimension to your birthday party, family reunion or other event. Kids and adults alike will love them! Total Entertainment has a wide array of carnival games available for rent.

Our inventory of carnival games includes dunk tank, under the knife, duck pond, inflatable axe throwing, balloon toss, mini golf, ring toss, darts and more. Your guests will have fun playing the games they remember from childhood, or sharing old favorites with their own kids.

We’ll handle the set up and tear down all the carnival games, so your experience is stress free. You focus on your guests and we’ll focus on the details. Our experienced staff has planned and executed countless parties for happy customers in the Boston area. Our mission is helping you host the best possible party.

Contact us today about renting carnival games for your next event, or having us plan your party.


hydro blaster 1

Hydro Blaster Extreme

One of our newest rental options, the Hydro Blaster Extreme is a great water sports game that delivers hours of fun to your guests.

The Hydro Blaster delivers up to 1 gallon of water upon your opponent’s head; great for team building events, children’s birthday parties and hot summer days!

The stand sets up and disassembles effortlessly in to a few pieces. To play, just place the water balloon over the brass nipple directly underneath the canisters, then add water simply by turning a knob midway up the stand. The floor pumps add air into the balloons. Now let the race begin by pumping air until the balloons pop! Be sure to call to learn more.
hydro blaster 2