Inflatable Axe Throwing

In recent years, axe-throwing, has become an increasingly popular recreational activity for adults.  And now, people of all ages can get in on the action by renting one of the inflatable axe-throwing games available through Total Entertainment. Whether you’re hosting a birthday party, a corporate event, or some other kind of celebration, people will have a blast while playing our inflatable axe throwing carnival games.

Inflatable Axe-Throwing Games For Rent

Unlike the games found at one of the axe-throwing establishments that has popped up, a lumberjack axe-throw inflatable from Total Entertainment is 100% safe and is suitable for guests of all ages. People can take turns testing their skills by throwing “axes” made from foam and Velcro at the target in the middle to see if they can score a bullseye. These games will provide hours of fun for guests who show up for your next party or event.

An inflatable axe-throwing carnival game from Total Entertainment is very simple to set up. We can deliver one directly to you and put it wherever you would like it at the site of your event. Guests who use it at your party can then go head-to-head with one another or create teams and see who comes out on top. We’ll provide you with everything that your guests will need to enjoy themselves while using our inflatable axe-throwing game.

Total Entertainment provides inflatable axe-throwing games in Boston as well as many of the surrounding areas. Call us at 978-777-2050 to reserve one for a birthday party, corporate event, office party, community event, or retirement party.