How to Make Your Casino Night a Success

There’s a lot of fun to be had with a casino night, but only if you do it right.

Here are a few essentials that will ensure your casino night is a success!

The necessary casino games

Casino Night Rentals

Your “casino night” can’t just be a makeshift poker party. Your guests will be stunned, and not in the way you want them to be.

Whether you’re hosting a fundraising gala, or throwing your annual corporate party, it’s vital to guest experience and your event’s success that you have authentic casino activities!

Blackjack, craps, roulette and poker tables at your disposal

You can’t have casino night without the proper equipment: tables, chips, and a dealer who knows what they’re doing. Be sure to rent these beloved games to ensure that all of your guests have several options to choosing from when gambling.

Slot machines are a must

It won’t sound like the casino unless you have party-goers testing their luck at the slots! From Double Black Tie to 5 Times Pay, slot machines will have your guests completely captivated as they gamble the night away.

The necessary décor

Casino Night Rental in BostonIf you really want your guests to feel like they’re spending a luxurious night at the casino, then you—and more importantly your event—must look the part!

What we mean is, your décor will set the mood for the night, and when you think of a casino, you think flashy and classy, all rolled into one.

That means you’ll need:

  • A red carpet to welcome your guests
  • Giant cards and dice to match the games
  • Up-lighting and search lights to bring the drama
  • Entertainers if you wish to make your night a true casino experience

For all of your casino night needs, trust Total Entertainment. Our team will make sure that your casino night goes off without a hitch. Give us a call at 888-339-9995 today to learn more about our casino night rentals today!

Four Reasons Why Your Next Corporate Event Should be a Casino Night

Company Casino Night


It’s time to plan your next corporate event, but your staff has already been there and done that with the ho-hum happy hours and the lackluster lunches. You want to plan an event to remember, an event that will motivate your staff and impress your clients. May we suggest … a casino night?

Here are some reasons why your next corporate event should be a casino night:

It’ll be the perfect ice breaker

If your employees rarely interact with coworkers outside of their departments, playing casino-style games will get them talking and learning about each other, creating a company-wide sense of belonging.

Morale will go through the roof.

A fun night out boosts employee morale and promotes positive feelings about coworkers and the company in general.

So many branding opportunities!

Especially if you’re inviting current or potential clients to the event, a casino night is a great chance to get your brand out there. You can mix your branded décor with the casino themed decorations and with that, the possibilities are truly endless. Your clients will associate your brand with the enjoyable night they had!

A casino night is fun!

Who doesn’t love a night filled with games? The flip of a card and the roll of the dice are thrills everyone can enjoy. Play with “funny money” to keep things fun and low-stakes and share the excitement at the poker tables, money wheel, or slot machines!

Need some help with planning your custom corporate casino night? Total Entertainment is here to help! We offer full-service event planning to the Boston area and have all of the supplies you need for one fabulous night at the casino. Call us toll-free at 888-339-9995 to find out more.

Throwing a Stellar St. Patrick’s Day Party

Whether you are Irish or noThrowing a Stellar St. Patrick's Day Partyt, St. Patrick’s Day is ultimately an excuse to throw a party. Between green decorations, casino themed celebrations, and festive foods, there are plenty of options on how to throw a St. Patrick’s Day party.

Focus on Food and Drinks

Food and beverage should be a major focus of your St. Patrick’s Day party, or any good party for that matter. “Paddy’s Pudding” is such a fun sweet treat that guests of all ages will enjoy. If you are looking for something savory, an Irish stew is easy to put together and to serve. You should also make beverages a focus of any St. Patrick’s Day. From Guinness to Bailey’s, there are plenty of Irish classics that can be served in multiple ways. Keep foods

Go As Green As Possible

Decorating for a St. Patrick’s Day is simple, go as green as possible. This is your opportunity to throw a themed party that you’re absolutely allowed to go “overboard” on. Hand out green beaded necklaces, put chocolate gold coins in bowls, display, hide shamrocks within your home, etc. There is no such thing as “too much” green when it comes to St. Patrick’s Day parties; the more, the merrier!

Get Guests Feeling Lucky

The Irish are often associated with luck, and so are casino themed events. Put a unique twist on your St. Patrick’s Day party by hosting a casino themed night. Total Entertainment has a variety of casino rentals available that can help liven up any event. If you’re looking for a way to set your party apart from the rest, this is a guaranteed way to do so. From Vegas slot machines to roulette tables, we can provide you with your casino games of choice.

For more information on all of our services and how we can help make your St. Patrick’s Day party a success, contact Total Entertainment.

Throwing an Elvis Themed Party

Elvis Presley, commonly referred to as The King of Rock and Roll, has been rightly famed as Throwing an Elvis Themed Party one of the most important cultural icons of the 20th century.

During his career as an artist, he created a movement of instituting a freestyle approach to rock and roll music as well as his famous dance moves. Many years have passed since his death in 1977 but his legacy still lives on.

We celebrate his life each year by listening to his famous albums or swooning over pictures and memorabilia that we’ve held onto for years, but why not celebrate him with an Elvis themed party?

Throwing an Elvis themed party is a great way to create excitement, entertain a crowd, and pay tribute to the king. There are many ways to host an Elvis themed party and we have outlined a few:

Photo Booth Props

Elvis was famous for his signature sunglasses, slicked back hair, bell bottomed jeans, and scarves. If you plan on having a photo booth at your party, be sure to include some Elvis accessories to get your guests laughing.

Must-Have Karaoke

Karaoke will always get a crowd pumping, and Elvis themed karaoke is guaranteed to get your guests moving. Host a little karaoke competition of Elvis’s most popular songs and watch the crowd come to life.

Costume Characters

Total Entertainment has costume characters for rent which can liven up a party from the minute they enter the room. Our Elvis costume character can bring personality to your Elvis themed party and guests will be impressed by the effort you put in.

Casino Night

Elvis loved Las Vegas, in fact, he had a song themed around the famous city titled, “Viva, Las Vegas.” Pay tribute to Elvis and Sin City but hosting a casino night party with Elvis music and rhinestones galore.

Here at Total Entertainment, we have a variety of ideas and products for you and your guests to enjoy. To start planning your Elvis themed party, contact Total Entertainment today.

Host a Healthy Holiday Party

We are all allowed to indulge during the holiday season on occasion but many of us are guilty of totally immersing ourselves in treats we shouldn’t eat. Although guests will appreciate a tasty selection of sweet treats at your holiday party, guests will also appreciate some healthier options and there are plenty of ways to provide them without comprising holiday cheer.

Dash Away from Holiday Drinks

Whether your go-to holiday drink is a hot chocolate, sweet Sangria, or spiked eggnog, it’s likely full of sugar and calories. Many seasonal drinks contain 200 to 400 calories per serving and an absurd amount of sugar. Offer your guests some low calorie carbonated drinks as an alternative. You can mix club soda with fresh and unsweetened tea or natural juice to create a sparkling beverage with minimal sugar. You can also infuse water with mint, strawberries, or other fruits, to give water a flavorful taste.

‘Tis the Season for Slots

In order to prevent food from being the focus of your holiday party, it is important to give your guests something else to do that will entertain them. Total Entertainment offers casino night rentals and packages that are prefect for occupying your guests and giving them something to remCasino Nightember. If you make your holiday party casino-themed, you will give your guests an incredible distraction from snacking. We offer slot machines, card and table games, and even casino themed décor that you can mix in among your snowflakes and stockings. Your guests will be grateful that they had something other than the food to focus on.

Offer a Food-Free Festive Space

If you serve food in every room at your holiday party, guests are going to be tempted to eat it. Many of us will “mindlessly” eat if food is in front of us. You should have some designated rooms that are food-free where guests can mingle without being tempted to snack. Make a designated “serving” location where guests can get food and keep the rest of your home snack free. You should make sure beverages are in each room so people don’t need to wander through the food each time they need a refill.

Kris Kringle Themed Karaoke

A holiday party does not need to consist of constant sitting around. In fact, it is more fun if you spend as minimal time sitting as possible. You should absolutely offer your guests some form of entertainment at your holiday party. You should get guests up and moving during the party so they can burn calories instead of consuming them. We offer karaoke rentals that will help keep your guests dancing and prancing.

For more party ideas this holiday season, visit Total Entertainment’s blog.

Hosting a Stress-Free Holiday Party at Home

Hosting a holiday party can be stressful. From wrapping gifts to hanging stockings, there is so much to do to prepare for a major holiday party. However, there are several things that can be easily done to simplify the process of holiday party planning.

Greet Guests with a Hot Chocolate Bar

For a large majority of the United States, the weather changes drastically in the winter months. Many states face freezing temperature and blustery blizzards. Having a hot chocolate bar available for guests as they arrive is an easy way to impress. Guests will be grateful for a hot beverage and it will be a good change of pace from cut-out cookies. You can put out holiday themed mugs, carafes of hot chocolate and an assortment of add-ins for the coco. Some possible add-ins include: mini marshmallows, peppermint sticks, cinnamon sticks, caramel squares, and crushed candy bars.

Make Merry Music a Focus

Karaoke Jukebox for Rent Nothing is as festive as holiday music and a holiday party requires it. Playing holiday music at your holiday party can easily be done through a CD, iPod, or Pandora. However, music is even more fun if you and your guests are the ones preforming it. Renting a karaoke jukebox is a guaranteed way to bring guests together and break the ice. Your home will be filled with laughter in a matter of seconds. Our karaoke jukebox is available for rent. It has over 5,000 songs to choose from, including a holiday selection.

Comfort Focused Festivities

Hosting a holiday party does not need to be an extremely formal occasion. In cold weather, guests will appreciate a cozy setting away from the chilly outdoors where they can just be at ease and enjoy one another. To make a party have a more casual feel, consider pulling out your kitchen or dining room table and serve dinner on it as a buffet. People will be able to get their food faster than if you passed each dish at a table. Plus, you also don’t need to worry about creating extravagant place settings. Guests are guaranteed to appreciate warm greetings and goodwill.

Deck the Schedule with Entertainment

Having scheduled entertainment at your holiday party can take some of the pressure off of hosting. As a host, you typically feel obligated to entertain guests and aren’t sure if the conversation alone will be enough, especially if there are children attending. If you hire several entertainers, such asCostume Characters for Rent costume characters, both adults and children will be entertained and enthralled. Costume characters can really brighten up a party and bring life to a room just by showing up.

The holiday season should not result in sleepless nights unless you’re waiting for Saint Nick. These tips will help you host a stress-free holiday party. Total Entertainment can help supply your holiday party with everything that you need to entertain guests so you can sit back, relax, and simply rejoice.

Prom Themes Made Easy With Total Entertainment

Prom Theme IdeasProm season might feel far away, but in reality, sequin embellished gowns and matching ties are approaching. Prom season is chaotic for students and faculty and typically in the spring, most of the planning is already completed. It is never too early to start thinking about prom theme ideas and putting them into action. Prom comes with many traditions from the standard prom pose for pictures to a chocolate fountain in the center of the venue. Although we all appreciate a good old-fashioned boutonniere and black limousine ride, students remember prom for the rest of their lives. At Total Entertainment, it is our job to give them something to remember. We can create a unique prom experience students will carry with them for years to come.

An incredible prom starts with an incredible theme. Theme parties have taken off in the past few years for good reason. Choosing a set theme for a prom or any school-orientated event can simplify the planning process and help maintain consistency. Themes make it much easier to decorate a venue, choose appropriate music, and set the overall mood for the night. There is a wide range of prom themes trending right now, including masquerade, carnival, and casino nights.

If you choose to host a casino night themed prom, for example, Total Entertainment is able to provide Casino Night Prom Themecasino themed decor including a red carpet entrance, giant playing cards, and giant dice to make the lobby, dance floor, and overall venue stand out while standing together.  We are also able to provide interactive slot machines and a variety of table games to entertain those attending.  Whether you focus on decorations that “wow!” or activities that simply entertain, we provide both.

Total Entertainment is able to provide Boston area schools with what they need to choose a theme and run with it. We have rentals available that relate to carnival nights, casino nights, and more. We also offer services that contribute to what every great prom needs: great music. From live bands to professional DJs, we ensure the music at your prom has the students hitting the dance floor before dinner even begins. Great music at prom is a must and the right music can help carry the theme of your choice by providing a fitting soundtrack for the evening.

We even have green screens that make for the perfect photo experience!

Contact us with what theme ideas you have for your upcoming prom, and we will help get you what you need to create a well-deserved, unforgettable night.


Exciting Additions to Your Casino Themed Party

casino party rentalsAre you planning on hosting a casino themed party or fundraising event? Let Total Entertainment help! We can take your casino party up a notch with entertainment, slot machines, games, décor and so much more.

Hosting a casino themed event allows you to treat your guests to the most fun they’ve ever had while gambling. First, you have to make sure your party venue has plenty of space for all the unique ideas we are about to suggest.

Slot Machines

Obviously, if you are hosting a casino party, slot machines are a must! Rent one or all of the following: 5 Times Play, Double Black Tie, Double Red White & Blue, and Double Diamond. Just pull the lever and hope for a win!

Card Tables

What else should you add to your list of must-haves? A few card tables, of course. Give your guests the chance to join in on all the fun without having to wait in line for a slot machine to open up. You can rent a blackjack table, poker table, roulette table and wheel, and many other table games for your gambling pleasure.

Music & Décor

Aside from games and entertainment, decorations, lighting, music and furniture are just as important.  Nothing says “Welcome to my party!” better than a red carpet entrance. As guests make their grand entrance, remember to have music playing that’s sure to get everyone right out onto the dance floor. You can also take your venue up a notch with lighting, giant cards and dice décor, and casino themed furniture rentals.

Total Entertainment provides the total package for your casino themed party. Give us a call at 978-777-2050 or visit us online to see what else we can bring to your next big event!

Host Your Next Team Building Event During the Summer

team buildingFrom small businesses to large corporations, every company can benefit from a team building event. It may seem silly to take time out of the week to goof around, but these games and activities do much more than just provide an opportunity to relax during the workday. They also give employees the opportunity to get to know each other better in an out-of-office setting, allowing them to form stronger relationships that can positively impact the work environment as a whole.

You can host a team building event any time of the year, but we at Total Entertainment see the summer season as one of the best times to do so. According to Business Insider, summer is a time when workplace productivity can drop up to 20 percent, making it important to boost morale and communication around the office.


The long, busy days of summer may have your employees gazing out the windows daydreaming, but a day of team-building can do wonders in getting everyone back on task. The opportunity to get out and enjoy the summer sun will be greatly appreciated by your team and can help them to re-focus their efforts toward a successful season of teamwork.

Your employees may not be sure that team building fun is for them, but everyone is much more likely to participate when the activity takes them outside into the summer heat.

Build Bonds

The carefree, positive attitude that comes along with the summer sun will also put employees in the mood to mingle, ensuring that your team building activity will be more successful in forming and strengthening bonds.

Much of this connection depends on the type of activity you choose, so be sure to pick something that everyone can have fun doing. Casino parties and karaoke nights are two of our favorite options to try!

For assistance planning your upcoming team building event, contact Total Entertainment at 978-777-2050. Our full-service party planning and rental team is happy to assist you in all areas of preparation for your Boston area event.

Five Reasons to Host a Casino Night

casino night partyOne of our favorite party themes here at Total Entertainment, casino nights offer an exciting escape from everyday life, allowing partygoers to break out of their shells and have some fun. Whether you enjoy playing card games, mingling with friends or dancing to good music, a casino themed event has a little something for everyone – and it gives you a great excuse to get dressed up!

Need some more convincing that a casino night is right for your next celebration? Here are our top five reasons why:

The Games

Ask any adult, games aren’t just for kids! We all love the opportunity to win and the adrenaline rush that comes with taking a risk. For most individuals, the opportunity to play your favorite card game at a casino is rare. Why not give your friends, family members and coworkers the chance to experience something new and exciting at your party? With roulette, card tables and slot machines available to rent, there is a game for everyone and all of your guests are sure to have a blast placing bets and beating the odds during your casino night extravaganza.

The Atmosphere

One of the best parts about attending a themed party is doing something completely out of the ordinary, and a casino night is the perfect example of this! The air of excitement during a casino themed event is one of the best parts of the festivities, and with realistic lighting, furniture and decorations your guests are sure to get into the interactive experience.

From the music that is played to the decorations that are hung throughout the venue, there are so many ways to make your party feel like a real casino.

The Clothing

Another great reason to host a casino themed event is the excuse to get dressed up! Who doesn’t enjoy putting on their best suit or dress every once in a while to celebrate with friends? A semi-formal dress code is a simple way to bring your casino night to life, allowing everyone to feel like a big star during the celebrations. You can even surprise your guests with a red carpet entrance for an added touch of style.

The Fundraising

The perfect event idea if you are looking to raise money for your organization, a casino night is tons of fun for guests whether they are winning or not. Knowing that losses will support a group that is important to you creates a positive attitude among partygoers, regardless of how well they are doing at the tables and slot machines.

The Authenticity

If you are looking to create an authentic and memorable evening event, renting card tables and slot machines is a simple way to do so, and Total Entertainment can help. From decorating your venue to look just like an actual casino to handling the catering and providing card dealers, we are happy to handle all the tasks associated with planning your casino event, allowing you to enjoy yourself with your friends and family members.

Learn all about our authentic and fun casino rentals online or by phone at 888-339-9995. We have a variety of packages for you to choose from, and can also create completely customized events!