Exciting Additions to Your Casino Themed Party

casino party rentalsAre you planning on hosting a casino themed party or fundraising event? Let Total Entertainment help! We can take your casino party up a notch with entertainment, slot machines, games, décor and so much more.

Hosting a casino themed event allows you to treat your guests to the most fun they’ve ever had while gambling. First, you have to make sure your party venue has plenty of space for all the unique ideas we are about to suggest.

Slot Machines

Obviously, if you are hosting a casino party, slot machines are a must! Rent one or all of the following: 5 Times Play, Double Black Tie, Double Red White & Blue, and Double Diamond. Just pull the lever and hope for a win!

Card Tables

What else should you add to your list of must-haves? A few card tables, of course. Give your guests the chance to join in on all the fun without having to wait in line for a slot machine to open up. You can rent a blackjack table, poker table, roulette table and wheel, and many other table games for your gambling pleasure.

Music & Décor

Aside from games and entertainment, decorations, lighting, music and furniture are just as important.  Nothing says “Welcome to my party!” better than a red carpet entrance. As guests make their grand entrance, remember to have music playing that’s sure to get everyone right out onto the dance floor. You can also take your venue up a notch with lighting, giant cards and dice décor, and casino themed furniture rentals.

Total Entertainment provides the total package for your casino themed party. Give us a call at 978-777-2050 or visit us online to see what else we can bring to your next big event!