Host a Healthy Holiday Party

We are all allowed to indulge during the holiday season on occasion but many of us are guilty of totally immersing ourselves in treats we shouldn’t eat. Although guests will appreciate a tasty selection of sweet treats at your holiday party, guests will also appreciate some healthier options and there are plenty of ways to provide them without comprising holiday cheer.

Dash Away from Holiday Drinks

Whether your go-to holiday drink is a hot chocolate, sweet Sangria, or spiked eggnog, it’s likely full of sugar and calories. Many seasonal drinks contain 200 to 400 calories per serving and an absurd amount of sugar. Offer your guests some low calorie carbonated drinks as an alternative. You can mix club soda with fresh and unsweetened tea or natural juice to create a sparkling beverage with minimal sugar. You can also infuse water with mint, strawberries, or other fruits, to give water a flavorful taste.

‘Tis the Season for Slots

In order to prevent food from being the focus of your holiday party, it is important to give your guests something else to do that will entertain them. Total Entertainment offers casino night rentals and packages that are prefect for occupying your guests and giving them something to remCasino Nightember. If you make your holiday party casino-themed, you will give your guests an incredible distraction from snacking. We offer slot machines, card and table games, and even casino themed décor that you can mix in among your snowflakes and stockings. Your guests will be grateful that they had something other than the food to focus on.

Offer a Food-Free Festive Space

If you serve food in every room at your holiday party, guests are going to be tempted to eat it. Many of us will “mindlessly” eat if food is in front of us. You should have some designated rooms that are food-free where guests can mingle without being tempted to snack. Make a designated “serving” location where guests can get food and keep the rest of your home snack free. You should make sure beverages are in each room so people don’t need to wander through the food each time they need a refill.

Kris Kringle Themed Karaoke

A holiday party does not need to consist of constant sitting around. In fact, it is more fun if you spend as minimal time sitting as possible. You should absolutely offer your guests some form of entertainment at your holiday party. You should get guests up and moving during the party so they can burn calories instead of consuming them. We offer karaoke rentals that will help keep your guests dancing and prancing.

For more party ideas this holiday season, visit Total Entertainment’s blog.