Packages for Your Exciting Casino Night

Casino nights provide the perfect setting for anything from a corporate event to a private party. If you are in charge of event planning , keep reading to learn about casino night packages that help you put together a fabulous celebration with minimal stress:

The Basic Package

If you want to put together a small, simple casino night, the Basic Package should have everything you need to throw a memorable celebration. This package gives you a table for Blackjack, Texas Hold Em, Roulette & Craps. It also comes with 4 dealers to ensure that your tables are staffed and ready for your guests to play.

The Las Vegas Casino Night Package

With 3 slot machines, a Blackjack table, a Texas Hold Em table, a Roulette table, and 3 dealers, this package helps you and your guests feel like you are spending the night in Las Vegas without ever leaving Massachusetts. Take advantage of this amazing package to simplify your party planning and get everything you need to put together a great event.

The Super Las Vegas Casino Night Package

If you want to create a truly authentic casino experience, you might want to opt for the Super Las Vegas Casino Night Package. This brings you 3 slot machines, Blackjack, Texas Hold Em, Roulette, Craps, and 4 dealers. It also offers green screen casino photos and a DJ music package. Not only does this casino package bring the fun, but it also offers plenty of ways for your guests to remember the great time they had.

The Royal Casino Night Package

Take your casino night to the next level with the Royal Casino Night Package so you can get 6 slot machines, 2 Blackjack tables, 2 Texas Hold Em tables, Roulette, Craps, and 6 dealers. This package also has green screen casino photos and a DJ, but it brings the added benefits of an MC, special giveaways, and an Elvis impersonator to make your party even more special.