How to Host an Easter Egg Hunt

If you’re in charge of the EastHow to Host an Easter Egg Hunt er egg hunt for your school, church, neighborhood, or otherwise, it’s important to make sure that it is both well-planned and entertaining.

Planning an Easter egg hunt can be a difficult task, especially if you’re planning for a large crowd. The hunt itself can’t be too challenging for younger children but also can’t be too easy for older children. It’s important to cater the event towards your entire audience and make it a memorable experience for all.

Please Go Plastic

You might be convinced that the only way to host an Easter egg hunt is to hide hard-boiled eggs but we highly encourage you to hide plastic eggs. Although it might be considered “traditional” to hide hard boiled eggs, doing so can be a major risk. Children, regardless of age, tend to throw eggs around carelessly. With cracked shells and split eggs, hard-boiled eggs can quickly get messy. Plastic eggs are just as colorful and vibrant and they don’t leave messes or smells behind. You can fill them with candies or coins to make them a bit more exciting.

Offer Other Activities

For teens, or even ten years old and up, Easter egg hunts can get dull quickly. Even if you put in a tremendous amount of effort to find the best hiding places possible, older children might not appreciate them. Consider offering other activities to keep older children, and even adults, entertained while the little ones hunt. We have a variety of carnival games available for rent that will help to entertain people that might not be interested in hunting for eggs. We also have face painters available that can paint flowers, eggs, butterflies, and much more.

Provide Tasty Treats

If you’re going to be hosting a decent sized hunt, it’s important to provide snacks for attendees. Whether you are hosting an inside or outside event, you can provide small snacks such as cupcakes, cookies, and other sweet treats for guests. If you want to provide some healthier options, consider serving vegetables or fruits that are easy for big and little hands to grab. Some popular choices also include jellybeans, mini chocolate eggs, fruit popsicles, and fresh finger sandwiches.

Total Entertainment can help you start planning your upcoming Easter egg hunt to make sure that all of your guests leave “hoppy!”