Children and Face Painting: The Perfect Pair

Children and Face Painting: The Perfect PairWhen a child sees a face painter at a carnival, festival, or fair, you can see their eyes start to sparkle. It is so much fun for a child to pick out a butterfly, a monster truck, a flower, or a tiger, and get it painted onto their tiny cheek.

Children love face painting for many reasons and we have highlighted a few below.

Encourage Creativity

When kids get their faces painted, their imaginations come to life—they can recreate their favorite cartoon character or animal with just a few swipes of the painter’s brush! There’s nothing quite like getting to see yourself wearing your favorite superhero’s signature colors and pretending to fly for the rest of the night. A face painting can provide a whole day of creative fun for your kid to enjoy.

Encouraged Individuality

Unfortunately, school can often be hard for kids that are big on self-expression. But when you have your face painted, you have every reason to let your individuality fly! Encourage your child to make their own unique choice about what they want the face painter to do; they’ll enjoy expressing themselves without limitations. Face painting is a great opportunity for a child to be a child, which they are often rarely able to do.

Encourage Care-free Fun

What’s more fun: an afternoon of screen time or actual active, care-free fun? A kid whose face is painted will be inspired to play pretend for the rest of the afternoon, whether they spend time claiming trees as a monkey or finding their way to the hidden castle. It’s a great way to encourage some imagination, and get your kids focused on something other than the television.

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