End of Summer Activities at Home with the Family

The summer is winding down, which means it’s time to get in all the family activities you can before school starts packing up your kids’ schedules. The hard part about planning activities is to make sure you’re following COVID-19 guidelines to stay safe and healthy. Planning activities at home with your family is a great way to start! 

Inflatables from Total Entertainment

Family Movie Night in the Backyard

A family movie night out in the backyard can be a great way to end the summer. Instead of watching a movie on your TV screen in the living room, try and get a “drive-in” movie setting out in your yard for your family. You can even invite your close neighbors to join as long as social distancing is in place. Check out our recent blog post on outdoor movie nights with the family. 

Outdoor Inflatables for the Kids

Outdoor inflatables for the kids can be great to enjoy at the end of the summer. Try and enjoy the last bit of warm weather with an inflatable waterslide or a bounce house. You don’t have to make it an event. You can just rent it for the weekend and make it a family party for the kids. Check out all of our inflatables to rent for the family or a small gathering. 

Carnival Games

We also can supply you with carnival games to rent for a specific amount of time. Make your family happy with some fun carnival games for a weekend. We have a plethora of different types of games you would see at a carnival, as well as arcade machines, and inflatable games. 

If you’re looking for something to end the summer on with your family, contact Total Entertainment at 978-777-2050 today or visit us online for more information, and we can provide you with fun activities!