Planning Your Family Reunion

There is no better time to host a party than during the sunny summer months, which is why so many families in the Boston area like to host their annual family reunion during this beautiful season. Planning a family reunion takes time, which is why it is best so start now.

Invitations need to be sent out months in advance, giving relatives near and far time to make travel plans to the destination.

 If you are planning your upcoming family reunion, refer to these planning tips:

With such a big group of people coming together to catch up, you are going to need entertainment options that individuals of all ages will enjoy!

Total Entertainment has all the advice (and rentals) you may need to make this year’s family reunion one to remember!

Raise Funds

Family reunions take time and money to put together, this is why you should start saving money in advance. Send out an email or text letting the family know the costs and figure out a way to raise funds for the reunion.

Delegate Tasks

If you haven’t already done so, the first order of business when putting together a family reunion is to delegate tasks evenly. Just because it is your turn to be the head planner, doesn’t mean that you can’t ask other family members to pitch in to help make this year’s celebration a stress-free one for everyone involved. Trying to do everything yourself can leave you feeling overwhelmed and even frustrated.

Start by making a list of tasks that need to be completed, and then call up mom and your siblings to see what they are available to help out with. You can sed out an email with all the duties that need to be fulfilled and check them off as they are completed Just remember when their turn comes around to host the celebration; you should be there the same way they were there for you.

Plan Games & Activities

Regardless of age, one of the most exciting parts of a family reunion is getting to laugh and have fun together. Whether you turn your reunion into a weekend-long competition or just have some simple outdoor games that people can partake in at their own leisure, everyone is sure to enjoy this party addition.

Bounce houses, carnival games and karaoke are all awesome additions to any big bash!

Personalize Souvenirs

A way to say thank you to all the family members that drove or flew into town to participate in the festivities, personalized souvenirs are a lovely way to remember your reunion celebration by. Many families have themed t-shirts printed each year, and we absolutely love this idea!

With your new t-shirts on, all guests will be able to spot your group, even if your event is hosted at a busy park or events center.

Order Plenty of Food

Instead of worrying about who is bringing what and how much food you will need to cook, have your celebration catered this year! Although it may seem like an added expense, having dinner catered for your family will be a huge stress relief, both for you and for those guests who are traveling from out of town.

Total Entertainment understands how stressful and time consuming it can be to plan a party or event by yourself. We offer full-service party planning, as well as individual rentals and packages.

Along with our party rentals, Total Entertainment also offers full service catering, tents, tables, chairs and more. For all your event rental needs, please give us a call at 978-777-2050. We would be happy to help you make this year’s family reunion a great one!