Entertainment Ideas for Your High Schooler’s Graduation Party

high school graduation A month filled with high school proms and graduation ceremonies, June begins the summer season filled with graduation parties. And with celebrations occurring every weekend here in Boston, it is understandable that your child wants theirs to stand out as one of the best.

Whether you will be renting a venue to host your bash or will be throwing the party at your home, there are plenty of rental options to add to the excitement. Obstacle courses, carnival games, karaoke systems and photo booths are some of our favorite graduation party accessories.


The perfect way to get your whole crowd in the party mood – a karaoke jukebox! Not only does karaoke offer everyone a chance to take center stage at your celebration, but it is also an activity sure to bring a lot of laughs.

Inflatable Obstacle Course

aqua extreme inflatable obstacle courseTeens and adults alike will love crawling, jumping, climbing and sliding their way through inflatable obstacle courses like the Aqua Extreme Obstacle Course (pictured left). The perfect way to cool off from the summer heat while enjoying some friendly competition, this water slide obstacle course is just one of many incredible options for a teen’s graduation party.

Photo Booth

Nowadays every great party has a photo booth, and why should your high schooler’s graduation party be any different? The end of an era, your graduation party is the perfect time to take pictures with friends – laughing, goofing around and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Carnival Games

dunk tankWhether your high school graduate and their friends are taking turns in the dunk tank or testing how fast they can throw their pitches with the Radar Speed Pitch, carnival games will surely add to the excitement of your celebration.

With so many different games available, you can pick out options for the teens as well as younger siblings and relatives who will be taking part in the graduation festivities.

Tents and Catering

To make planning your graduation celebration even easier, Total Entertainment also offers tent set-up and catering options. With our team of entertainment professionals handling the setup, all you have to do is relax and enjoy this special day celebrating your high school graduate and all they have accomplished!