Green Screen Photos are Next-Level Event Entertainment

Event Green Screen Photo Session


Modern-day events require you to provide your guests with a full, interactive experience from start to finish.

We don’t know about you, but that sounds like a lot of work!

However, we have a few tricks up our sleeve that could make your planning a breeze and your event a success.

Go green at your next event with a green screen photo session!

Interactive experience

Who doesn’t want the chance to stand in front of the Hollywood sign in California when currently on the east coast? Green screen photos add a new kind of fun to your event, allowing your guests to be creative and quirky.

Easy party favors

Every successful event has a token that your guests can take with them to remember the night with. That being said, put your guests to work for their memento! A green screen photo session comes with a good time and a photo, of course. Whether they’re pretending to be contestants on American Idol or are having a romantic moment at the head of the Titanic, these photos make for the perfect takeaway.

Document your event

Green Screen Photo BackgroundsAs much as this activity is meant to entertain your guests, you’re also tricking them into doing some of the event work for you: photographing the party!

With a green screen photo session, it ensures that your event—and more importantly, the fun had—is captured throughout the night.

With over 80 backgrounds to choose from, you’re sure to have guests lining up in excitement to take their turn in front of the green screen. Trust Total Entertainment to do it right.

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