Top 5 Themes for Your New Year’s Eve Party 2018

Can you believe that another year has come and gone in the blink of an eye? We guess it’s true what they say: time flies when you’re having fun!

So, now it’s time to start planning how you’ll be ringing in the new year. If you’re looking for inspiration, here are a few of our favorite New Year’s Eve party ideas to help you plan!

Great Gatsby

Bring the glitz and glam with the Roaring 20’s! A Great Gatsby-themed party is perfect for ringing in the new year. All you have to do is dress in your classiest attire, turn up the jazz and pop those champagne bottles at midnight!

“The Best of…”

New Year's Eve Party IdeasWe celebrate the new year for two reasons:

1. To welcome a much-needed start that is like a breath of fresh air, especially after the holiday season and


2. To bid farewell to all of the good and bad that came with the previous year.


So, why not cherish your favorite cultural moments from the past year with a “Best of…” party! This is easy to do; brainstorm all of the social media memes, events, and crazy things that happened throughout 2018 and use that in your décor and wardrobe theme. From the royal wedding to celebrating the life of Anthony Bourdain, to most recently the “Thank U, Next” track released by Ariana Grande, there is no shortage of ideas for this party!

Decades Party

If this is just not your decade, consider going back to the one you love with a decade party!

Dedicate your entire event to one decade, like a rad 80’s party or have your guests come dressed as their personal favorites. We don’t know about you, but a decade party is nothing without the music. Why not add a karaoke battle to the itinerary? See what decade’s tunes win!

Casino Night

Casino Night PartyWho wouldn’t want to enter 2019 with a little more money than they had in 2018?

Plan a casino night to end the year right, having fun with friends and family, and testing your luck at some high-stakes games (without the high-stakes).

Masquerade Party

If you’re trying to bring a hint of mystery to your New Year’s Eve celebrations, consider planning a masquerade. No one will ever turn down an opportunity to dress up and show their own unique flare with their masks!

Need a helping hand? Total Entertainment has you covered! We have everything from karaoke supplies to Casino Night décor and games. Consider adding a DJ to your event or providing a green screen photo session to remember the night! Browse through our entertainment rentals and give us a call at 888-339-9995 today to learn more.

5 Unique Ideas to Entertain Your Guests at Your Next Event

When planning any event, your main goal should be to expertly entertain your guests throughout the course of the day or night. From start to finish, your event attendees will be looking to soak in all that your event has to offer, so it’s essential that you’re offering only the best.

Here are a few entertainment ideas that will have your guests encapsulated and make your event an over-the-top success!

Wow them with a bit of magic

Magician in Boston


Whether you’re entertaining families at a community festival, or your employees at your latest corporate outing, a magician is bound to amuse. With slight-of-hand tricks or a mind-blowing performance, a magician is sure to bring the magic to your next event.

Entrance them with a hypnotist

A hypnotist will definitely ensure that everyone is having a good time at your event. Whether you’re the one being hypnotized or you’re in the audience, you won’t believe your eyes as you watch what the power of hypnosis can do.

Test your guests’ knowledge with a game show

Everyone is a sucker for some good competition. With a Jeopardy-style trivia game show, your guests won’t know what hit them!

Bring in the podium, display board and even a game show host. It’ll be as if Alex Trebek was in the building!

Or test your guests’ luck with a casino night

Casino Game Rentals


Let your event attendees try their hand at a few of the most beloved card games and slots when you have your very own casino night! Blackjack, Craps, Roulette and more; a casino night is sure to entertain all night long.

And who doesn’t love food?

Yes, the food at your event is an entertainment factor for your guests. Get creative and make your guests move around by having different food and beverage stations set up around your venue. The food will be scrumptious, and your guests can mingle the night away!

Equipped with these creative ideas, your guests will have no choice but to be entertained. And for all of your entertainment needs, call on Total Entertainment, your one-stop party and entertainment shop!

Give us a call at 888-339-9995 today for more information on our affordable event and entertainment rentals!