Three Essentials for a Successful Movie Night Event

There’s nothing better than spending a night with a bowl of popcorn, your favorite movie, and a hundred guests!

Make your next movie night a success with these three essentials!

Bring the movies to you

Movie Night RentalsThere’s no need to get everyone to the theater when you can bring the theater to you!

Gathering around one television set for your weekly movie night with friends might be fine, but when it comes to planning a large event, one small TV screen just won’t cut it.

For a jumbo guest list, you’ll need a jumbo movie screen! An inflatable movie screen will ensure that all guests can watch and enjoy your movie double feature, as if they spent a night at the drive-in, but indoors!

If you’re planning to have your movie night event outdoors, taking in the bit of nice weather we have left before winter comes, then perhaps you’ll want to add a tent to your event. This will offer protection from the elements for your entire event and keep your guests cozy on a brisk fall night.

There’s no movie night without movie-watching snack

It doesn’t matter if you’re watching a horror film or romcom; snacks are essential! Popcorn and cotton candy are staples for any movie night and your guests will be so grateful to have something to much on as they watch the action-packed film from the edge of their seats.

Make your guests feel like stars with custom movie posters!

Custom Movie Night PostersSo, you have your movies and snacks, but there’s still something missing. Oh, that’s right—custom movie posters!

If you want to make your movie night event more memorable for your guests, why not make them the stars?

In just a few short minutes, your guests will be able to craft their own movie poster, taking a photo of them and merging it with an incredible theme. Their name on the poster will be the finishing touch and your guests will instantly be able to share on social media!

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