Top Elements of a Successful Fundraising Event

If you’re looking to throw a fundraiser for an organization, or charitable cause, it’s of the utmost importance—perhaps more than any other event—that it goes successfully.Ensure your next fundraiser is a success by including these three key elements!

Keep it short

Tips for Planning a FundraiserThis is something you should do with any event, whether it’s a fundraiser or not: put yourself in your guests’ shoes.

Would you get antsy standing through the itinerary that you made?

Is it too long?

Does it never get to the point?

If the answers to these questions are ‘yes,’ then time to switch things up!

Purpose first & donations after

One of the biggest mistakes that fundraisers make is that they immediately ask for donations, without first explaining just what the purpose or mission of the organization or cause actually is. By doing so, you’re making it seem like your fundraiser is just a money grab, and nothing more.

If that happens, your fundraiser is toast.

Show them that their donation means something

We’ve always believed that this is the most important element: show us what you’re going to do with the money you’ve raised. People are much more likely to donate if they see that their money is going towards a concrete goal or building a tangible object.

Plan an event that entertains and brings the fun!

Host Carnival Games at Your FundraiserWe are a one-stop party and entertainment source and we know how to put the ‘fun’ in ‘fundraising!’

Host your fundraiser with a wide array of carnival games that will offer fun for the whole family. With so many interactive games of luck and skill, there will be so much for your guests to do to fill their time and keep them donating!


Host a Casino Night FundraiserOr you can host a classy soiree with a casino night. Between slot machines and Blackjack, your guests will experience a night to remember and for a great cause too!

With these elements in mind, you’ll be well on your way to throwing a successful fundraiser for the cause that you’re passionately pursuing.

Keep your guests entertained at your next fundraiser with the help of Total Entertainment! Call us at 888-339-9995 today to learn more about our event services and rentals!