Four Events Perfect for a Caricaturist

caricatureYou don’t have to be planning a themed party to feature a caricaturist at your event. In fact, having a caricature station would make a welcome addition to any type of event. Whether you’re throwing a party to celebrate the beginning of summer or hosting a graduation party, booking a caricaturist will add a new entertainment option for your guests and will leave them with fun keepsakes to remember the occasion by.

Here are four events that are perfect for a caricaturist.

Graduation Party

The summer is all about celebrating your beloved grads, and what better way to throw an awesome party than to invite a caricaturist? Your grad and their friends will have a blast being drawn by a talented artist, and the finished product is something they’ll cherish as they all move on to different stages of their lives.

Wedding Reception

Many couples opt to have a photo booth at their weddings, but why not go for something a little different? Hiring a caricaturist for your wedding will give your guests a fun activity to do during the reception. Plus, it’s a great way to break the ice between the two groups of family and friends that will be attending for each bride or groom. You could do a mothers-in-law theme, siblings of both partners, and some really fun caricatures of the wedding party.

Block Party

A block party or a potluck dinner shared in your neighborhood is not complete without some fun activities for guests – and especially kids – to do, so why not add a caricaturist to the entertainment list? Bouncy houses are great fun, but they’ll wear your kids out after a while! Once they’re done jumping around and have burned off all their extra energy, have them sit for the caricaturist. They’ll love seeing their exaggerated features on the finished product!

Family Reunion

What better way to memorialize a family reunion than with some wacky caricature drawings? Family reunions can be a bit tense and awkward when the family is huge or if everyone not very close, so bring your whole group together with some fun caricature pictures. Plus, you’ll have cute keepsakes to remember the family members you grew closer to during the reunion.

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