How to Plan the Ultimate Mardi Gras Party

A holiday full of colors, costumes, and mayhem, Mardi Gras is one party not to be missed!

This year, Mardi Gras falls on March 5th, so it’s time to get planning! And the best place to start for the ultimate Mardi Gras party is décor, costumes, and entertainment.

Let us help you plan your Mardi Gras party this year!

Go big with décor

Mardi Gras is nothing without extravagant parades, parties, and bold colors. Everything about the celebration is large and over-the-top, meaning you have some work to do to level up your event.

Mardi Gras Mask and BeadsThe holiday is associated with purple, green, and gold, symbolizing justice, faith, and power respectively. Using the three colors of Mardi Gras will make your decorating a breeze, just be sure you’re thinking big when choosing your different design elements.

Cover your tables with bright, patterned fabrics and exaggerated centerpieces. Add life to your space with balloons and garlands.

Hang up colorful Carnival masks and streamers and include glitter and confetti in the décor.

Go crazy with strands of beads, using them as both a decoration and party favor for guests to wear.

Put on a new face

Beautiful masks and courageous costumes symbolize Mardi Gras, so what would be more fun than having your guests create their own masks? Set up a station where guests can create their own holiday mask to wear for the night. Stock your station with feathers, sequins, glitter, and paint, and let your guests have some fun with their imaginations.

Encourage your party goers to dress up in their Mardi Gras best, and hold a costume contest to celebrate everyone’s creativity.

Offer some dress-up items at the party such as wigs, tiaras, boas, mustaches, hats, and oversized glasses. Include face paint and gems to allow party goers to really get into the spirit of Mardi Gras.

Embrace the carnival essence

Carnival Game RentalsLarger than life parties and huge celebratory gatherings are the epitome of Mardi Gras, where people come together to indulge before the Lenten season begins. Guests expect exciting, fun entertainment at Mardi Gras parties to match the essence of the holiday.

Turn your party into a carnival-like celebration with some one-of-a-kind entertainment!

Face painters and balloon artists take your party to a completely new level, while carnival games turn your event into something spectacular.

Invite your guests to indulge in a bit of gambling with some casino games and then to top everything off: provide them with foods famous to the holiday, such as the King Cake!

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