Last-Minute Cleaning Advice for Your Next Party

One of the toughest (and least enjoyable parts) of preparing for a party is cleaning. Not only can it seem like an overwhelming, time-consuming task, but you know that once the guests leave you will have to start cleaning all over again. Instead of stressing about your cleaning routine, we recommencleaning bathroom before partyd tackling one chore a day during the week leading up to your next get-together, then performing these last-minute cleaning tricks a few hours before the festivities begin!

Prep the Entryway

Make a great first impression with a well-organized entryway. Make plenty of room for your guest’s shoes and coats by clearing out all of your extra shoes, jackets, hats and gloves. Place them in the basement or another area that your friends and family members won’t be visiting and shake out the welcome mat of any dirt and debris it has recently collected. Have a lingering stinky-shoe odor? Spray some air freshener and remove the culprit from the area. A tidy front hall will make your guests feel welcome from the moment they step inside.

Clean Up Clutter

From the water glass on the kitchen counter to the newspaper on the coffee table and the makeup products near the bathroom sink, there are lots of little items lying around every home on a daily basis. Take some time to float from room to room, putting these things away and organizing the couch pillows and decorative pieces around the home. With all the loose odds and ends put away, your house will look cleaned up and ready for a party in no time.

Wipe Down Surfaces

Kitchens and bathroom get dirty quickly, so give these spots one last cleaning by wiping down counters, faucets and mirrors. Between the sparkly clean surfaces and the fresh scent your cleaning products leave behind, your kitchen and bathrooms will be in perfect condition when guests arrive.

Take Out the Trash

The easiest way to make your house seem cleaner is by taking out the trash. Empty garbage cans reduce odors and leave plenty of room for the plastic plates that your guests will be tossing out after enjoying a delicious meal in your company!

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