The Hottest Event Planning Trends to Look Out for in 2019

From unexpected venues and activities to an emphasis on social media, new and vibrant event trends are on the rise in 2019.

Time to level up your party or corporate affair—here are some of the hottest event-planning trends to focus on this year.

Say goodbye to traditional venues

In 2019, guests expect event planners to go above and beyond in their choice of venue.

Company Party at a CafeNew and unique locations take your event from sub-par to spectacular by creating significant memories and adding excitement to the weeks leading up to your event.

Skip the hotel lobby or conference center and hold your event in an aquarium or at the local trampoline park. Hold an outdoor event in your city’s most exclusive park or schedule some time at a paintball arena.

This year will see some wild and crazy venue ideas worthy of talking about.

Say hello to social sharing

Pairing your large-scale event with a strong social media campaign is a hot trend in 2019.

Especially for corporate events, creating hashtags to accompany your event builds excitement and a sense of togetherness. Event hosts will use playful hashtags and suspenseful images to entice people to attend their event.

Additionally, hosts will share videos and images of the event to their social media pages as the event progresses.

Guests will also be encouraged to participate in the social sharing! Sharing your event on social media is an effective branding tool that paints a picture of your company or organization.

Get on board with hands-on activities

Company Casino NightYour guests no longer want to simply sit through long lectures or talks from keynote speakers; instead, they wish to participate and get their hands dirty.

Guests in 2019 crave events where they can fill their time with activities, creating memories and a bonding experience. They want to play around at an indoor arcade or do some volunteer work.

Events in 2019 will be full of hands-on activities that get guests up and moving as opposed to stagnant events where the action falls on one lecturer.

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