The Surprising Health Benefits of Karaoke

5068895_SThere’s a dream we all have, whether or not we care to admit it, and involves taking the stage and belting out our favorite tunes. We of course are referring to karaoke, which will turn your party into an arena where you and your guests can turn into superstars. But it’s just not an ego boost that makes karaoke so good for parties and life in general: there are loads of health benefits that is provided by karaoke. It is good for your health, body and soul!

According to this article, Dr. Michael Roizen writes, “Singing (on or off key) improves breathing – and that’s good for many parts of your body and brain. According to a recent Japanese study (of course!), the benefits of karaoke are far-reaching. Singing Sinatra—or even Aerosmith—relieves stress and boosts self-esteem and confidence, while also building social connections—all major life extenders. Plus, families that karaoke together build bonds and banish conflict.”

While parties are meant to be fun, where we let loose and forget all about life’s daily grinds, we should also think of parties as ways to improve our bodies, brains, and wellbeing, all while bringing us closer together with our friends and families – and hey, a little ego boost from singing your favorite song on stage isn’t too bad either! With Total Entertainment, we have just the right package for you, with DJ talent along with quality sound equipment and special party packages.