When Was the Last Time You Walked on the Moon?

Every party has a soundtrack. Every summer has a soundtrack. You know – the songs that are played at every party, every major event – the songs that get everyone on their feet and moving together, because dancing is life, dancing is community. What makes or breaks any party is that feeling of community. If it’s there, it’s there; if it’s not, you have a huge problem and your party is guaranteed to be a failure. With that said, what are the hottest songs of the summer – SUMMER 2015? With these songs in your arsenal, your party is GUARANTEED to be a huge success.

One of the biggest songs this summer has got to be “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk the Moon. The song is infectious, conjuring up sounds of pop hits from the eighties. It voodoos your way out to the dancefloor where you simply flail your arms and fall in love all over again. The song has an unmistakable chorus and hook. It gets stuck in your head and heart the moment you hear it for the first time. This is how every party should be; the moment you step into that reception hall or backyard and experience the party’s atmosphere, you know that it’ll be invested in your memory bank for the entirety of your life. Just have a listen below and let us know what you think. Sometimes you have to shut up and dance!

At Total Entertainment, we take a keen interest in what’s hot, what’s trending on the mind and heart – and this song is blowing up the charts. What’s your opinion on the song? Does it make you shut up and dance? Does it pull you to the dance floor? Let us know in the comments below! And if you’re unfamiliar with the song, check out the video below. We guarantee that it will get instantly stuck in your head.