Holiday Fundraising Ideas

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The holiday season is a great time to raise funds for schools, charities, and other organizations. Because this is the season of giving, people are more likely to give donations that any other time of the year. Many organizations capitalize on this spirit by hosting a variety of fundraising events. There are many different options and themes for fundraising that can help generate a lot of money.

If you are planning a fundraiser this season, here are a few ideas to help:

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

This is a go-to Christmas theme party which many people love to partake in. For this fundraiser, you can throw a festive party and charge a small admission fee. You can make this a fun holiday-themed party, complete with Christmas décor like lights, trees, and garland. You can also offer a prize for “Best Ugly Christmas Sweater”. Be sure to capture the moment with a professional photographer.

Gift Wrapping Station

This time of year, people are buying Christmas presents for their family, friends, coworkers, and even pets! With all these different people to buy presents for, it can become overwhelming for people to wrap all these gifts. For some people, they don’t know how to wrap presents or find it extremely difficult. For this fundraiser, you can offer people a way out of the hassle of wrapping presents by hosting a holiday gift-wrapping station. You can charge a flat rate per item, by item size, or a minimum donation fee. This is a great way to rack up cash for your organization and help the gift-wrap challenged people.

Christmas Costume Party

Everyone loves a costume party, and what better way to raise funds and have fun than to host a Christmas themed costume party! You can direct your attendees to dress up as their favorite character from a classic holiday film. Some of the most famous Christmas movies include: A Charlie Brown Christmas, The Polar Express, It’s a Wonderful Life, and Home Alone. Just like the ugly Christmas sweater party, you can charge admission and provide prizes for the top costumes! If you need more ideas for movie themes, here is a list of the most popular Christmas movies of all time.

Photo with Santa

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For many people, it is a tradition to take an annual photo with Santa Claus. For this fundraiser, you can advertise for families to bring their children, pets, and friends to take photos with Santa Claus. Charge a basic flat rate per photo and additional fees for extra copies. This is an easy way to raise funds while providing your supporters with a lasting memory. To complete your Santa photo fundraiser, be sure sure to decorate with festive Christmas décor to prepare for the big man from the north pole. You can also hire costume characters to help assist in creating a winter wonderland.

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