Revamp(ire) Your Upcoming Halloween Party

If you are the person that hosts the annual Halloween party each year, you might be sick of putting doughnuts onto string and painting pumpkins for your porch. Your guests are likely tired of plastic vampire teeth and black cat decorations. There are several fun yet simple ways to improve your Halloween party this year that will treat your guests to a party experience they will remember.

Dress Up and Show Up

witch costume rentalCostumes are one of the best parts of Halloween and that’s no trick. Dressing up is fun and it really brings out the hair-raising Halloween spirit in everyone.  Although there are plenty of ways to make your own costumes and stores to purchase standard costumes from, renting a professional costume is a way to thrill guests and get them talking. From a classic witch costume to an unworldly alien, people will notice the difference if your costume is rented because they are typically made much better and appear more realistic.  Encourage your guests to dress up for your Halloween party or to rent costumes as well for the most ghastly group selfie in history.

Do the Monster Mash

Music is a vital part of any party and Halloween parties are no exception.  From “Thriller” by Michael Jackson to “Monster Mash” by Bobby Boris Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers, Halloween themed music is a great way to impress guests and get them moving. One advantage to hiring a DJ is that you won’t have to worry about the volume of your Bluetooth speaker or skipping over an advertisement. By hiring a professional DJ, you can guarantee that you are going to hear music that your guests will respond to. From morbid to mysterious, Halloween music will set the mood.

Set the Scene

Decorations are a huge part of a successful Halloween party. Decorations can be anything from physical decor to finger foods that frighten. For example, “witch brooms” consist of mini Reese’s Cups with pretzel sticks stuck into the bottom which make them look like small brooms. An easy Halloween themed decoration can be made if you wrap a glass jar with medical gauze and glue googly eyes onto the front of it. Put a battery operated candle inside and you have illuminating mummies to place around the party. Whether you use food display as the majority of your decor or you choose to go with physical decorations, both will set the scene of a wicked and well-planned Halloween party.

Halloween does not have to stop at blood red punch and candied apples. Halloween is an opportunity to really entertain guests with food, dress, and music in a theme with endless options. Adults are not encouraged to go door to door asking politely for candy so we must throw an unforgettable Halloween party, let Total Entertainment help you get started on a spine-chilling event.