Throwing an Elvis Themed Party

Elvis Presley, commonly referred to as The King of Rock and Roll, has been rightly famed as Throwing an Elvis Themed Party one of the most important cultural icons of the 20th century.

During his career as an artist, he created a movement of instituting a freestyle approach to rock and roll music as well as his famous dance moves. Many years have passed since his death in 1977 but his legacy still lives on.

We celebrate his life each year by listening to his famous albums or swooning over pictures and memorabilia that we’ve held onto for years, but why not celebrate him with an Elvis themed party?

Throwing an Elvis themed party is a great way to create excitement, entertain a crowd, and pay tribute to the king. There are many ways to host an Elvis themed party and we have outlined a few:

Photo Booth Props

Elvis was famous for his signature sunglasses, slicked back hair, bell bottomed jeans, and scarves. If you plan on having a photo booth at your party, be sure to include some Elvis accessories to get your guests laughing.

Must-Have Karaoke

Karaoke will always get a crowd pumping, and Elvis themed karaoke is guaranteed to get your guests moving. Host a little karaoke competition of Elvis’s most popular songs and watch the crowd come to life.

Costume Characters

Total Entertainment has costume characters for rent which can liven up a party from the minute they enter the room. Our Elvis costume character can bring personality to your Elvis themed party and guests will be impressed by the effort you put in.

Casino Night

Elvis loved Las Vegas, in fact, he had a song themed around the famous city titled, “Viva, Las Vegas.” Pay tribute to Elvis and Sin City but hosting a casino night party with Elvis music and rhinestones galore.

Here at Total Entertainment, we have a variety of ideas and products for you and your guests to enjoy. To start planning your Elvis themed party, contact Total Entertainment today.