Host a Party in a Small Indoor Location

Many of us have homes that are on the smaller side which really just means that our homes are extra cozy. Houses come in all shapes and sizes and that should not prevent you from hosting a party, it should encourage you to prove that smaller houses can host parties too. With the holiday season quickly approaching, many of us will have company over. Total Entertainment has some hints on how to accommodate a large amount of people in a small space.

Select a Simple Theme
Theme parties are fun and we are (clearly) a huge fan of throwing a theme driven bash. However, you don’t always need to go all out with your theme. Themes can be generalized and still be effective and entertaining. For Total1instance, you can narrow down your theme by throwing a car themed party rather than a Dodge Coronet Convertible party. A “carnival game” themed party could include one or two game rentals which don’t take up much space but can identify a certain theme.

Invite Who You Want There
When we have parties, we often feel obligated to invite everyone. Maybe you feel like you can’t talk to our coworker about the party unless you invite them and maybe the same hairdresser has cut your hair for a decade that you feel guilty leaving them out. I am going to break the news, you don’t need to invite everyone and you can’t. A smaller space is just that, it’s small and room is limited. Keep your invitation list to a minimum and invite the people that you truly want there.

Designate Spaces
If you have a smaller space to work with, you need to use it wisely. Specify an area for children to play, for people to eat, and for adults to chat. This will help you avoid everyone standing in the same room doing different things. Designate sections of the house with cute signs to indicate where each person should end up. You can also use space that you already have. For instance, use your coffee table for appetizers if it’s there, don’t waste the surface.

Even if you do have a smaller space to host your party, rest assured that Total Entertainment will improve the party regardless of the venue size. From face paintings to caricature artists, we can provide simple yet memorable party services.