Host a Very Merry Holiday Theme Party

If you are planning to host a holiday party this year, incorporating a unique holiday theme into your party will make your guests rejoice. People often host “winter wonderland” themed parties, and as much as we blue decorations and cutout snowflakes, standard holiday themes are growing tiresome. Instead, we have compiled several unique themes that will secure your spot on the nice list.

Summer In December

Most people are familiar with the expression “Christmas in July” but we think that “Summer in December” has a nice ring to it. Consider hosting a party in the middle Host a Very Merry Holiday Theme Partyof winter that is centered on summer with a holiday focus. For instance, you could purchase a light-up palm tree and hang ornaments from it. You could also consider renting several carnival games that you would typically play in summer months such as a ring toss or a putt-putt course. To get people in a summer state of mind, you can play Christmas music that has a more of a “beach feel” such as the Beach Boys or Colbie Caillat. Santa can also make an appearance on his way home from vacation.

Magical Movie Marathon

People love watching holiday movies and whether they admit it or not, most people set aside time to watch the classics. If you want to give your guests a holiday party to remember, host a merry movie marathon party and show a few holiday themed movies. To bring the movie you’re showing to life, you can put up decorations that directly relate to the movies. If you show “The Christmas Story,” you can purchase the classic leg lamp to plug in while the movie is playing. If you show “Elf” for the children, you can serve all snacks with a side of syrup, at your own risk of course. You can also rent one of our face painters to paint favorite characters onto their cheeks, keeping them entertained during the movie.

Crafting for Christmas

Host a Very Merry Holiday Theme PartyHow great would it be to go to a holiday party and leave with several presents for your loved ones? If you host a party toward the beginning of the season, throw a craft themed party. You and your guests can create small gifts for loved ones such as ornaments, holiday cards, jewelry, etc. If you feel comfortable, ask everyone to pitch in several dollars for supplies and say that you’ll provide the food and drinks. You can also rent several of our art and craft rentals. We offer customized shirt making, frame making, and bead making, just to name a few. Guests will find great joy in checking some of their holiday to-do list off while enjoying a holiday party of their own.

Consider hosting your holiday party using one of these suggested themes to give the gift of creative cheer this holiday season. Contact Total Entertainment to make your holiday party sparkle and shine.