Purchasing/ Renting A Bounce House

Bounce House

Whether you are hosting a birthday bash or a graduation party this summer, you are probably wondering how you can keep your guests entertained and cool. During a hot Boston summer, there is no better way to celebrate and get active than by renting a bounce house or inflatable obstacle course. People of all ages will have a blast letting loose and bouncing through the air, and your event is sure to be one to remember.

Not sure if an inflatable is right for your big event? Total Entertainment has five reasons why every party can benefit from the addition of a bounce house or inflatable obstacle course.

Hours of Entertainment

Every host’s worst fear is not providing guests with enough entertainment, but with a bounce house on your lawn, everyone is sure to have an incredible time at your event. Bounce houses offer hours of entertainment for individuals of all ages, keeping children busy so parents can catch up with one another and enjoy themselves too.

Easy Set Up

With food to cook, decorations to arrange and last-minute cleaning to complete, you don’t want to worry about setting up games and activities for your guests as well. Renting a bounce house or inflatable will offer partygoers plenty of fun, and your rental company will do all the setup for you!

Especially if you are planning a children’s party with lots of different games and group activities, a bounce house is the perfect opening event. Children can bounce and play as everyone arrives, giving you a chance to chat with parents and get the food and other activities ready.

Outdoor Exercise

No party guest wants to spend a beautiful summer day indoors and no host wants to spend the days following their big event cleaning the house. Outdoor inflatables are an exciting way to provide partygoers with something fun to do outdoors when the weather is warm. The perfect companion to a barbeque, your party will be the talk of the town – and all the parents will be thanking you for tiring their children out before the celebration’s end. 

Themed Fun

Another great benefit of bounce houses and inflatables is that they are available in so many styles and themes. Whether you are hosting a princess-themed birthday party or a sports fundraiser, there is a bounce house that will blend right in to your celebration.

Hosting an aquatic celebration? You could even include an inflatable waterslide to keep guests cool under the summer sun!

Options for All Ages

Nowadays, there are plenty more inflatables to choose from than just the traditional bounce houses that young children love. There are so many different obstacle courses to choose from, some perfect for young children and others that teens and adults alike will want to try.

Encourage some friendly competition at your son or daughter’s high school graduation party or keep guests of all ages entertained at this year’s company picnic. With Total Entertainment, your rental options are endless!

Rent or Buy 

Total Entertainment offers an array of bounce houses and moonwalks available for rent or purchase. Purchasing your own bounce house provides you with guaranteed entertainment for your parties or just to use at your leisure. You can also rent a bounce house. Total Entertainment provides sanitized bounce houses for events and home entertainment. 

Visit us online or contact us by phone at 978-777-2050 to find the right inflatable rental for your upcoming summer event.