Safety Equipment & Rentals

With new developments occurring everyday, it is crucial for us to stay safe and protected. Total Entertainment is here to provide a variety of equipment to help hospitals, shelters, and other emergency teams. 

Here are a few rentals to help provide quality and safe service: 


Total Entertainment’s tents can be used in a multitude of ways, but it is helpful for emergency teams. Across the nation, many emergency service providers have been using tents to provide quick and accessible treatments for those in need. This solution helps to provide shelter and treatments for those who do not have access to the proper medical care. It also helps alleviate congestion in hospitals for those that need medical care, but do not require hospitalization.  All of our tents and other equipment are routinely cleaned and sanitized to ensure the safety of everyone. 


Stanchions are the perfect way to establish barriers and aid in crowd control. The stanchions will help keep all guests in order and provide a clear path to navigate through. The stanchions can be adjusted to different lengths and also includes posts to add signs

Tables & Chairs 

Tables can be used to hold supplies and distribute equipment to others. Our tables also come with plastic coverings for extra protection. 
Total Entertainment is dedicated to providing high quality equipment and services to our clients. For more information, or to inquire on our rentals please contact Total Entertainment in Boston.