The Three Best Rentals for a Child’s Birthday Party

face paintingHosting a birthday party this summer? If so, Total Entertainment has you covered. You name it, and we rent it for parties in Boston. With so many items available to rent, it can become overwhelming because everything sounds so fun.

With that in mind, we are going to break down our top three favorite party rentals for your child’s birthday party.


Whether your child is turning eight or 18, inflatables are always a hit! And the best part is that the inflatable options are almost endless nowadays. There is the classic bounce house that everyone will love. Or you can think out of the box and get obstacle courses, water rides, play hose hockey, or even have the kids play on a mechanical bull!

Face Painting & Tattoos

Our artists take face painting to the next level. Back when we parents were growing up, face painting generally meant a star on a cheek or a cat nose and whiskers across the face. Now, we can paint everyone’s entire face at the party. And there are so many fun options to choose from!

We also have the option of giving the kids temporary tattoos that are airbrushed on. They can pick from over 50 patterns or have our airbrush artists create something custom with a favorite cartoon character on the spot.


What child’s birthday party doesn’t have games? All of our games are easy to learn and fun to play. One of our favorites is the Bear-In-A-Box build your own stuffed animal kit. You can even order outfits for your stuffed friends!

We also have carnival style games as well like duck pond, balloon toss and more that everyone will love.

Ready to get the party started? Give Total Entertainment a call at 978-777-2050 to start planning your child’s upcoming birthday party. We can help organize your entire event, making it a party your child will never forget!