Band vs. DJ: What’s Right for Your Wedding

You picked out beautiful flowers that match your color palette perfectly, constructed over 100 unique centerpieces with your own hands, and yet the fate of your big day relies on the music you choose for your reception. So you need to ask yourself:

Should I hire a live band or a DJ for my wedding reception?

What’s your taste in music?Choose The Right Music for Your Wedding Reception

First, consider your music preferences and the ambience you want for your reception. Will you want to put on your dancing shoes or keep them tucked away in the back of your closet? Do you want a more romantic setting with a string quartet or is it your goal to do the Electric Slide immediately after cocktail hour?

Figuring out the type of vibe you want to create for your reception is essential when choosing your music maker.

Benefits of a live band at your reception

A band is more commonly used when you want to experience a live performance, but make sure you have a large enough venue and that they’re able to play the songs that are important to you. A band also gives guests the opportunity to connect with the performers and you can easily find a band with the repertoire that fits your theme.

Benefits of a DJ spinning on your wedding day

If you have a long list of songs you want to hear, then a DJ might be what you need. They usually are able to pull from an online database and can easily locate a track that you’ve been dying to hear. This also means that your guests can make requests throughout the night, which they’ll appreciate you for.

What’s your budget?

Prices vary for both depending on equipment, day of the week, and how long you want them to play for. Typically, a band is more expensive than a DJ. Check first if the band charges a flat rate or if it would be per musician. No matter which option you go with, be aware of any overtime fees that could be added for lodging or extra time.

Total Entertainment knows how to make your day special and bring the right kind of music to your ears. We have professional DJ’s equipped with an impressive repertoire and talented live bands that will be sure to give you the experience you’re looking for! Call us at 978-777-2050 to make your reservation today.