Planning the Perfect Team Building Corporate Event

Tips for Planning Your Company OutingWhen planning a corporate event, you must have a goal in mind that you would like your employees to achieve by the end of it. This goal could be anything from solidifying a reorganization or merger, to celebrating a group achievement. However many times, a corporate outing is planned to improve employee relationships and boost collaboration company-wide.

Leave your work back at the office for a day and plan a fun and engaging team building event.

Your team building exercises should reflect the goal you would like to achieve and should be based on your company. Factor the demographics and interests of your employees so that they will genuinely be excited for your corporate outing.

These elements will help you choose an appropriate activity for your goal as well as your group dynamic.

There are many avenues to consider when choosing a team building activity, such as taking on an inflatable obstacle course! This offers a safe way for your employees to enjoy their time and engage is some friendly competition. Another option would be a rousing game of bubble ball soccer, where employees can play soccer but with the added element of being secure inside an inflatable bubble ball.

The most important part of a team building corporate event is the team!

No matter what activity you choose, it’s vital to your goal that you have the right sized teams. If there are too many people per team, you risk the chance of someone not participating or detaching from the group. A solid team size is between six and 10 people depending on the size of your company and the exercise.

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