Planning A Tailgate Party at Home

Planning A Tailgate Party at HomeFootball season is finally here! If you are a fan of the league, chances are you will want to enjoy the game with other friends and family! What better way to watch the game than to tailgate from the comfort of your own home? You can have all the fun of the tailgating experience without dealing with massive crowds, long bathrooms lines, and crazy fans.

Here are a few tips for planning the ultimate tailgating experience at home:

Before you begin purchasing food and supplies, you need an established list of guests. While this list can be flexible and may change, it is important to know about how many people will be attending. This will help establish what you need to purchase and how much you will need. Send informal invitations via email or text and simply ask guests to respond if they will be coming.

If you plan on having a large amount of people, you may not want all that foot traffic in your personal bathroom! Instead consider renting a portable toilet. Total Entertainment’s portable bathrooms are always cleaned, sanitized and fully stocked upon arrival. With the foot pedal flushing mechanism your guests will have an easy hands-free bathroom trip!

  • Food & Refreshments- Because this is a tailgate party, you need to have all the essential tailgating foods like hot dogs, hamburgers, French fries, and beer-of course! Be sure to purchase small snacks like chips & dip, or cupcake bites to occupy your guests while your grill the hotdogs and hamburgers. Take your tailgating experience up a notch by adding a portable bar! This will allow for a plethora of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage options.


  • Tv/ Projector– If you can host the party in your backyard, Planning A Tailgate Party at Homeconsider using a projector to view the game. This will allow you to keep the party outdoors while the game is on and help add to that feeling of being at an official tailgate. If you do not have a projector, be sure to clear enough room for your guests. Move the couches towards the walls to allow room for your guests to navigate your home. You can place large throw pillows on the floor for extra seating options.


  • Entertainment- Before the game begins you will need some form of entertainment to keep your guests happy and occupied. For this at-home tailgating expertise consider renting an inflatable obstacle course! You can set it up on your front lawn or in the backyard. Create a game of teams to get your guests in the competitive spirit. The inflatable obstacle course will provide hours of fun. With options like inflatable boxing and gladiator joust, this is sure to be a tailgate to remember.

After the party is over ensure that each guest has a dependable ride home, especially if they have been drinking. You may want to call a rideshare service for some guests. Transportation services like Lyft have carpool motions to save money.

Remember when planning a party, your one-stop shop for entertainment and party essentials is Total Entertainment in New England. With a wide variety of party rental equipment, entertainers, and event planning services we can guarantee your party will be a hit!