Planning Your Casino Royale

It’s been almost 24 years since this iconic blockbuster hit the movie screens, Casino! With a remarkable performance from Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci this film quickly became a classic. Why not celebrate this film’s anniversary with a party to remember?

One of our favorite party themes here at Total Entertainment is casino nights. It offers an exciting escape from everyday life, allowing partygoers to break out of their shells and have some fun. Whether you enjoy playing card games, mingling with friends or dancing to good music, a casino themed event has a little something for everyone – and it gives you a great excuse to get dressed up!

Here is why you should consider a casino themed party for your next fundraising event/ party:

The Games

Ask any adult, games aren’t just for kids! We all love the opportunity to win and the adrenaline rush that comes with taking a risk. For most individuals, the opportunity to play your favorite card game at a casino is rare. Why not give your friends, family members and coworkers the chance to experience something new and exciting at your party? With roulette, card tables and slot machines available to rent, there is a game for everyone, and all of your guests are sure to have a blast placing bets and beating the odds during your casino night extravaganza.

The Atmosphere

One of the best parts about attending a themed party is doing something completely out of the ordinary, and a casino night is the perfect example of this! The air of excitement during a casino themed event is one of the best parts of the festivities, and with realistic lighting, furniture and decorations your guests are sure to get into the interactive experience.

From the music that is played to the decorations that are hung throughout the venue, there are so many ways to make your party feel like a real casino.

The Clothing

Another great reason to host a casino themed event is the excuse to get dressed up! Who doesn’t enjoy putting on their best suit or dress every once in a while, to celebrate with friends? A semi-formal dress code is a simple way to bring your casino night to life, allowing everyone to feel like a big star during the celebrations. You can even surprise your guests with a red-carpet entrance for an added touch of style.

The Fundraising

The perfect event idea if you are looking to raise money for your organization, a casino night is tons of fun for guests whether they are winning or not. Knowing that losses will support a group that is important to you creates a positive attitude among partygoers, regardless of how well they are doing at the tables and slot machines.

The Authenticity

If you are looking to create an authentic and memorable evening event, renting card tables and slot machines is a simple way to do so, and Total Entertainment can help. From decorating your venue to look just like an actual casino to handling the catering and providing card dealers, we are happy to handle all the tasks associated with planning your casino event, allowing you to enjoy yourself with your friends and family members.

Learn all about our authentic and fun casino rentals online or by phone at 888-339-9995. We have a variety of packages for you to choose from and can also create completely customized events!