Tips for Planning an Office Holiday Party

Tips for Planning an Office Holiday PartyYour employees work hard all year long, so when the holidays roll around, it can be nice to treat them to a party to show your gratitude. If you’ve never hosted a holiday party for your office before, however, you may be wondering where to begin. Check out a few party-planning tips below!

Pick a date that will work for everyone.

It may be impossible to plan a date that will be ideal for all of your employees, but you should try to pick one that will work for the majority of them. Whether you plan to hold the party during the day when everyone is already at work or pick a night during the week, the date shouldn’t be too close to Christmas since many people will be busy with their own plans at home. Instead, shoot for a date in the middle of December when people are more likely to be available.

Create a party-planning committee.

There are many different elements of a successful office holiday party—from food and drinks to gift exchanges and games, it can be hard for one person to tackle it all. Rather than try to do everything yourself, it’s a good idea to put together a small committee that can come up with ideas and lend a hand with the event. This can make the planning process a little easier for everyone.

Consider renting equipment to bring the party to life.

Want to make your office holiday party extra special this year? Consider renting things like DJ equipment, table and chairs, and even holiday-themed activities for your guests. These items can put the finishing touches on your party and demonstrate your appreciation for your employees in a fun and creative way.

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